Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tri again

on Saturday. This is basically a replay of the very first one that I did with my son. He will be biking for MS that day. This is a Super Sprint, so easily done by any one of you reading this. 1/4 mile swim, ten or so mile bike, and 1.5 mile run. it makes me smile when I think back to how freaked I was in June when I did this race. Now I know I can do it, so just enjoy "the ride." Wonderful people are involved in this sport. I cannot say enough about all the support I have received.

On Sunday is the Kitsap Tri-Babe Tri. This is put on by the group that I belong to and train with. I will volunteer at the bike transition area on it. I am sufficiently healed from the Danskin and this is about the same distance but with MUCH tougher terrain. I could probably do it, but would risk my health a bit too much to feel comfortable.

This was taken following the Danskin...the heat and emotions got me; that and the five blisters on the stump and one on the foot. I really didn't want to move. (Thanks, dear, for that wonderful picture. I will get you later.)

So, you wonder why the heck I want to double the number next summer? Yep, I wonder the same thing. I think it is a bit like banging your head on a brick wall; it just feels so darn good when you stop!!


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