Thursday, April 21, 2011


Monday, April 18, 2011

Just because

I will soon be retiring this blogsite for Cardigan stuff, and using a new one. This will remain for future roadtrips, non cardi related. The new site will be

This was started by two crazy grandmas on the trip of a lifetime and I took it over. I know that the other Grandma doesn't really mind, but someday we may do another trip with a tomato, and you would not have a clue what the heck was going on unless you had been following it from the beginning a few years back. I will try to get my posts moved to the new site in the near future.

For now, enjoy a little piece of my day at the park and beach with my Nugg-butter.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Or perhaps it should be Hmmmmmmmmm.

It has been an interesting day, to say the least. I have been in the throws of re-financing the house. Yesterday, in the mail, comes a letter saying "your loan request has been canceled due to insufficient documentation." OK, the packet went in a few days ago, and it said I had until 5/2, so not sure what the heck was happening, but likely the letter passed the packet in transit, right? Wrong! I call this morning and it turns out that they won't re-fi as this is a manufactured home. OK...but why the heck did the guy pre-qualify and even bother to send me the packet? And what about the stupid fees? So I end up with the supervisor of the guy who sent the packet. Well, I end up with his direct phone number, which goes directly to voice mail, three times. Messages left that I expect a refund, pronto. Nothing.

Then the phone rings. A person that I know from long, long ago is furious with me. I mean, stinkin' mad. I have no clue what is going on and let her talk through it, rather than ending the call, which was my instant reaction. I still don't get it, but so it goes. No need for details, just a bizarre occurrence that was a piece of my day.

So I sit down at the computer to begin my search for someone to re-fi my house. (The first attempt was with the company who holds the mortgage now; it just seemed like it would be easiest. Yeah, wrong!!) I immediately let the people that I wrote to know it was a manufactured home so that there would be no time wasted. I made two inquiries and both responded that they could do it. So, the first responder is a dog person. I had wanted to give it to her earlier, but, as I said, I figured it would be easiest to just stay where I am funding wise. So she asks three quick questions: Amount owed, Amount it is worth, and Credit score. I easily find the first two (went with tax assessment for worth), and cannot find the numbers for the third. Let me say that I recently paid off lingering medical bills, so my credit score was not real good when I began the process a month or so ago. I suck it up and go on one of those free credit score places. (As long as I cancel within a week it is really free!) The results come back...742!!! Holy cow!

At this point all is coming together as it should. The last application occurred before my credit report showed clean; even though stuff was paid. As a result I was re-financing on very low-average credit. Now I will be applying with low excellent credit. My percentage rate will be better for the wait.

Now if I can get the money back for the application fee and appraisal I will be doing a happy dance around the house. Still getting voice mail...sigh

Sure is a pretty day out there; and not so bad in here

Friday, April 8, 2011

Doggies go green

"All dressed up and unable to go"

Literally. Yes, a little something I had forgotten about.

I did the first mowing of the grass this afternoon. It smells so nice and now the dogs can do their business without needing stilts. Oh yes, isn't it grand!!

Well, almost grand. You see I had forgotten a little thing that made me quite happy that I have some time before the next shows. My white footed dogs, all three of them, get green feet for a couple of days after I mow. Especially if I am "wet mowing," which is all I can do this time of year as it just doesn't dry out, here in the woods, for at least another month or two.

After a happy frap and roll in the fresh cut grass I have three smiling, panting, and green Corgis.

Life is sweet. And my dogs are politically correct.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

More win photos

The Carbon/Lilac pups take WB/BOW and WD

Shea was d-o-n-e. She was "in a girly way" and likely wondered why we were avoiding her. After class they headed for home as I considered whether or not to do the picture thing.

As I passed the ring, at some point, the judge asked if we were doing a picture. I guess that is "judge talk" for you ARE taking a picture. So after she was done we headed for the wonderful picture display area. However, a fair amount of time elapsed between classes and pictures, so I took the Nugg Butter out to go potty. It was raining pretty hard by then, so I carried him to a patch of grass and then back to the arena.

I guess because the judge was in the picture it was decided that I would stand rather than kneel behind the dog as I had done the day before. Picture taken I headed for home.

Today the Sunday picture arrived.

Yes, it has been cropped. You see, in standing the ferry boat appears to be coming thru my derrier. Add a very disheveled handler who badly needs a stylist, and whose face appears to be saying "there is a ferry coming out my rear" and it gets cropped. I can laugh about it now, and may at some point share. For now, enjoy the somewhat muddy Nugget; looking mahvelous.

Friday, April 1, 2011

A nice,

or even not so nice, curtain would have been a whole lot classier...

Saturday's photo: