Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A proud Mama

That would be me...again.

My oldest baby took part in the MS bike-a-thon this year. Next year the two of us will be running-biking-swimming together. I could not be more proud of the paths that all three of my kids have taken. My kids are who inspire me the most. They are the reason I am alive today. I thank the Lord each and every day for them. I feel incredibly lucky.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Family History

I went to visit with my Dad's wife; well, she was his wife when he died. Anyway, she sent me home with two boxes of Dad's things. Included were a few pictures like the above, that I had never seen before. Dad only went to college for two years before he joined the workforce. That workplace was Kenworth Truck Company, which later became known as PACCAR. He worked there for over forty years. He retired from Kenworth/PACCAR. When we were little we took a lot of car camping vacations, and we would always cheer when we saw Kenworth trucks, and jeer when we saw Mack or Internationals; oh, and yes, we also cheered for Peterbilts. We all could recognize them by the time we were four. We also got to test ride one at around age three. It made the time fly a bit faster when we four kids were cooped up in the old station wagon headed for a state park. Needless to say we all have fond memories of Kenworth. I still find myself identifying them on the highways. I have no real idea when the above photo was taken, nor why. I believe the three men with Dad are very high up in the organization; likely one is "Mr. Piggott" whose father or grandfather started KW. The trucks in the background appear fairly old (as in dated, but brand new for the time) and it was the old plant on Marginal Way in Seattle, which was closed many years ago. I can only imagine how excited my Dad would be to be stepping into that Rolls Royce. I LOVE this picture!!
Also included were some tiny tea cups and saucers which belonged to my Grandmother. She had passed away before I knew her. Some of these are dated from the 1800s. I am so glad this stuff was kept at my step Mom's house rather than at his house in Hawaii, as it likely would have been destroyed when Hurricane Iniki hit Kauai and wiped out his house. (The tupperware, not such a big deal; this stuff would have really been a loss.) The idea is to pass this along to the Great Grand daughters at some point. I think I will be researching it prior to dispersal.
I also got a scrapbook of his time in Japan. It is really quite interesting. It seems that his job was to inspect the schools. There is a lot of paperwork to that effect, some of it written in Japanese. There are two pages of currency as well.
All of this is history that I never knew about. I have discovered a whole other part of my Dad's life. One where he was "John" and not "Dad." I was in grade school before I ever knew that my folks had real names. To this day I cannot recall their ages without looking up the dates. I say Dad was always 19; my sister says he was forever 22.
There are a lot of Scotland books that will go to the grandkids. Haggis, anyone?
The most touching thing was the little white scotty that I had bought when Dad was in Hospice. He had his hands clenched tight and I worried that his nails might puncture his hands. I got him the dog to hold in the hand that was the worst. He had that pup tightly in his right hand when he passed. I sure miss him!
Family history holds many surprises. I got a couple wonderful boxes full today.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

When life sends you lemons...

Yesterday I had four hours of driving time so had a lot of time to ponder my predicament; that being the one that makes me far too sedentary.

I figured a way to use the treadmill on crutches! Yep, I did. I have to do a bit of fabricating so that I can make some cup type devices that I will attach to the edges (off the belt). Into those will go my crutch tips. Pretty cool idea, eh? It's amazing what four hours in a truck can get out of the darkest corners of my brain. Even when I get back on my feet I will still be able to get the upper body exercise; perhaps I will also be a bit less grouchy (and achy) when the next crutch time comes along...

However, no amount of drive time could have pulled this "redneck tube top" out of my brain. Who ever would have thought...


Truly frightening, what people will do just to avoid doing the wash, heh. Re: the treadmill. You are so creative, my dear! I'm looking for a treadmill, too. Even better would be an elliptical machine, but those are SO heavy and if you think a treadmill is pricey, well...

I blogged over on WetFootCrow btw. It was health related sorta, and I just didn't want to get into dueling diseases, lolol.


Darn! I was offered a Pro-Form elliptical and turned it down. Between the bike trainer and the treadmill I have enough exercise stuff in my little house. There are plenty out there; do your homework as to brands and options; perhaps a friend will move and not be able to fit one in the truck...;-) (Thanks again, Gretchen, but I would've rather had you stay)

Dueling diseases? No way. I am done even thinking about my owies. Too much to do...four day dog show in Boise coming up fast. (Glad the co-owner is coming.)


Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday's no post post

It was an incredibly frustrating day!

A couple of weeks ago I met up with friends following the re homing of a dog. Today the Corgi forums were ablaze with news that there is a missing Cardigan Corgi in my area. I felt that awful lump in my chest. Indeed, it was Kayla. It seems the gardener had accidentally let her out. She is micro chipped, but hasn't been re-registered, so the chip is still in the breeder's name. And, of course, the breeder and the co-owner are both heading for Richland, and the show that I was supposed to be en route to. Now, if I had the ability to walk, grrrrr, I would be out hunting for dear Kayla. The last I heard she was seen running on the highway and ditched into the woods. I so often read, or hear, of lawn maintenance people leaving a gate open. In this case it was a dog that I knew that has a new older lady owner. Both must be scared.

The appointment did not go well today. I am bummed at having another week out of the prosthesis and out of training. I asked about swimming and the doc nixed the idea. I got home and went out to the pasture for an hour or so. At least my upper body is getting a work out. sigh.

So, please say a little prayer for a small dog and her new owner.

Out for now.


**UPDATE** Yesterday, 9/29, Kayla was found trying to cross the Hood Canal Bridge. She is now safely back at home, thanks to a wonderful motorist who not only grabbed her before she got out on the bridge, but went to a pet store and saw her poster, getting her reunited with her very worried new Mom.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Of tempers and tantrums

For lack of anything better to write about, I figured a snippet of my day will have to suffice.

Somewhere around noon, with the clock and calendar time totally dragging, I decided to just go out and drive a bit. Knowing that I wouldn't be long I decided that I would not try to catch and crate Kate. What can she do in an hour?

Let me tell you. She loves books. She eats books. She has a fondness for hardback books, but if she can't find one a paperback will do. She managed to pull a book down from the piano bench and feast on the cover. She then decided that a cardboard box that I had blocking her way to the wood box needed to be moved...and torn apart. Then the wood box. Oh the wondrous treats in the wood box!! The fire starter bricks were chewed up. I think they are just wax and sawdust, but am watching her closely. So far she seems to feel fine and has "produced." Then there was the dog bed. It no longer is as cushy as it was when I purchased it. A bag of green stuffing has been liberated. It appears there was quite the fluff party. Oh, not to forget the styrofoam packing that was in the box that was keeping her from the wood box. The cushion from my chair has had the zipper eaten out and pieces of the foam are still visible on the no longer clean carpet. There are a couple of amazing things about all this. One is that this all occurred in a very short amount of time. The other is that the spot where a friend's dog "marked" has not been re-marked (thank goodness for that!).

You can probably imagine the scene when I came in the door and was greeted by the destruction. I went ballistic. She hadn't a clue what I was upset about. In fact she thought it was pretty cool that I was scooting around on my behind cleaning the mess as best I could. I was down at her level and that meant playtime. For the first time ever I snagged her by the scruff and stuck her nose at the mess and shook her a bit. All the while bellowing "NO." She still had not a clue. The good news here is that Kate has forgiven me for my temper tantrum...yep, she is fine. She waited until I settled back in the bed and found her spot on the pillow above my head and gently licked my ear. "It's OK, Mom, I know things are rough for you right now, but I am here for you. I will always be here for you." sigh

Yesterday I was bored. I had a tape dispenser sitting next to me. I had two corgwyn at my feet. Danger. I couldn't resist. First it was the tape on the whiskers. Both quickly got the tape off. Then the tape on the foot. Henry immediately ripped his off and headed away. He parked himself about an arm's reach away. Not Kate. She took a look at the tape on her foot and decided I must have put it there for a reason and ignored it. Completely. What a strange little dog she is. I had to pull it off myself. Whiskers again? "OK. I guess I must need to have my whiskers taped." No reaction the second time. When I am home, she is the most mellow and quiet dog I have ever had. I would love to have a camera set on her when I drive away. Judging from the destruction she must begin her terror run as soon as I go down the driveway. Kate was never abandoned. I know the breeder. Our two homes are the only ones she has ever been to. Is this "separation anxiety?" I haven't a clue, but it has driven me to a bad place today. From now on she will be crated when I go anywhere...if I can figure out a way to get her into the crate while on crutches.

Oh please let this week finish quickly, and let me back into my leg so things can get back to my hyperactive normal. Tantrums are really not my style. I'm so glad Kate has forgiven me...yeah, right!!


Monday, September 21, 2009

Some pictures

First of all I need to say "thanks" to Sandy C. for coming and cheering us on at Enumclaw. I love the pictures and they were the perfect pick-me-up. ;-)

There are a few things that occur in a dog show ring during those all important two minutes of ring time.

The dog is carefully placed on the table and the judge checks teeth and body structure.

Then there are the movement studies

After which we wait for the judge to make the decision on who fits the standard the best in each class.

All of this is just another way that I get to spend quality time with my favorite girl.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

No dog show this coming weekend

I've decided to bag the show this coming weekend. There is just no way I can have Kate ready, the truck ready, myself ready, the get my drift. It bugs the heck out of me to spend the money for the entries and parking, but so it goes.

However...there is an even bigger show coming up two weeks later in Boise. Kate's co-owner wrote and asked if I was going. I sent in the entry fees this morning. It will be a four day event and is also sanctioned by the Cardigan Corgi Association. I am hoping to be able to park next to Kath's trailer. I have three weeks to get back in my leg. I am pretty sure that is doable. That makes missing this coming weekend's shows a little easier to bear. I hope the weather holds for the drive over.

I have been gone a great part of the day celebrating the first grandchild's sixth birthday. All was fine, but I am exhausted. And sore.

More tomorrow.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Over and Out

I have but a few minutes to do some catching up on the computer.

All went well, for those who have wondered. I am happy it is Friday and will be even happier next Friday when I can once again put on my prosthesis. It is amazing how much longer everything takes with walking sticks. I have been out a couple of times to see the horse and let the dogs play. I am terrible about laying around, even with a tad bit of discomfort. I love this chart. I think it was made following the theory that laughter makes everything feel better.( I will not write where I fit on this scale, however.)

As I lounge, I make my plans for training. I am, for sure, an activity junkie. Whether it be the endorphins and/or adrenaline, I know not. It just may be my body getting healthy after so many years. I hope this little detour will not slow things down too much.

Many thanks to wonderful neighbors and friends for the help. I feel so incredibly blessed.


I like the sound of your frame of mind. Hey buddy...if you come across another magic treadmill, will you tell me about it? I really want one, and soon. You better call if you need anything, anything at all :) Love you.

Oh yeah, forgot. Signed, G2 I mean S2...sorry, I made it sound like you were talking to yourself there for a minute. Hope nobody fell for that.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

This is a test

A test of the emergency broadcast system...

I am hungry and thirsty...and tired. My house is "clean enough."

Let the show begin.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You have now entered

A no medical talk zone. I have declared today a no medical talk day. At least around me. Period. Zip. No talk of headaches, stubbed toes, hang nails, scabs. Nope. Not even runny noses or allergies. Thank you.

That said, I will go on. The weather in this area of the United States is odd; to say the least. Yesterday it was almost 80 degrees. Today will be in the 70s and rain is expected tonight. As I drive, or ride, around the county I see some trees changing into their fall dress and am reminded that it is, indeed, fall. Rumor is that next week will see 80 degrees. It gets cold enough at night that the pool is too cold for the average person to swim in. Me? Just once. I will need to wait a while to try it again. There is something intriguing about swimming in it all winter, but it does get a lot colder than a lake or Puget Sound will get, so I might do my winter swimming elsewhere and save the electricity for those lazy days that I choose to use the furnace. Gee it's fun being a grown up and being able to make my own decisions!

Today will be bedroom cleaning day. Every other place inside is pretty much done. I made the Costco run yesterday as well as regular grocery shopping. There is plenty on the to-do list to keep me busy; that is a good thing. However, I slipped up on my trip to the store last night. I didn't crate my dog. She did find something to destroy. Thank goodness I managed to fence off the computer desk area. This time around she drug the big box away from the wood box. Inside the wood box was a plastic tube of "sand." That sand, when burned in the wood stove, somehow helps to clean the creosote from the chimney. Being that she did survive the night, both from me and from the sand stuff, I would say that she likely did not ingest any. I'm to the point of wanting to talk to an animal psychic for advice. How funny is that? This little/big/dwarf dog is the sweetest, gentlest, kindest, funniest doggy I have ever had. She must turn into psycho dog when I drive down the driveway. There are paw prints on the glass table. The zipper is chewed out of the chair cushion. I cannot count how many books and shoes have been eaten, and now computer disks. I need to put a stop to this before she eats something that could cause her great harm. Until we get it worked out, she must be crated.

The move to triathlons is slowly coming together. I have huge support from my son; I didn't realize how important that would be. I suspect next summer we may be doing a few together. He has become very active in the cycling community and his younger brother has always had a passion for it. My son-in-law is completely hooked on road biking. My daughter? Once the new grandchild makes the scene, we may see her out on a bike as well. I'm so proud of my family and their desire to make healthy choices. Having fun while being healthy is really the icing on the cake. I think all the boys understand my problem of not being able to sit still. It just happens when you become active and then have to slow way down. I am like an addict. I am not sure that is a good thing. My best reading is done on the treadmill or bike (in its trainer, not on the road). Sitting at this computer is torturous. I can handle about an hour and then have to walk away and do something physical. I remember feeling like this in high school. Every morning I would get up with Dad, at 5:30. I would strap on my running shoes and head out. It was heaven. My blood felt like sludge in the cool morning air. Once I got going I felt so alive. Every muscle came to life. I long for that again. There is nothing that can compare to running in the winter. I never dreamed that it would be something I could bring back into my life. It will be.

The Richland dog shows are coming up in ten days. I look forward to hanging with the Cardi folk. I look forward to the first outing in the Doggie Motel. Mostly I look forward to the challenges that I face with each new day. Life truly is what we make of it. I have my speed bumps; they remind me to slow my pace a bit. When I get out of the area where they exist, I throw open the throttle and fly!

Yes, indeedy, there is so much more to talk about...


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What a difference a year makes

It is hard to believe that it has been almost a year since the trip of my lifetime. About this time last year I was cleaning, making lists, and wondering if it was all true. Close to thirty years in the planning stage, my best friend and I were actually going to do it. Looking back now, we had no real idea what all this trip would give us. Yes, there will be more, but there will never be a trip like this one was. I'm sure, come September the 22nd, there will be more written on the subject.

Shortly after that trip, I made my way to Idaho to get my heart dog. For those of you who don't know what a "heart dog" is; it is that one animal in your life that steals a big piece of your heart and won't give it back. It is that animal that is almost too connected. That is my Katelan. One smile from her just makes my world better.

I was living a fairly sedentary life. Once I began my training ritual I became hooked on exercise. The ups and downs of the prosthetic fit would become a real thorn in my side. It still is, but I feel confident it will be worked out. Meanwhile it became a game within myself to constantly challenge the limits. To be able to really feel "life" and all elements of it is something I strive for each day.

My lawyer was finally paid off. What an amazing milestone that was. Once again, to be able to outlive the expectancies...priceless.

I feel strong. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Spiritually. I like who I am. I have finally purged all of the negatives from the former life. My search for my place in this world still goes on, but I catch glimpses every once in a while, and with the help and suggestions of friends and family I will someday find that place and be able to accomplish my life goal.

The sun is now peeking out and shining through the trees. Ten minutes ago it was raining again. This weekend may be the last hurrah of summer, with weather forecasted in the low 80s. I have work to do. I have friends that are coming to town and I NEED to get out on the motorcycle for some mental health therapy. They are just what the doctor ordered; that doctor being my self. A nice peninsula ride with friends. It cannot get any better. I noticed yesterday that the Olympics have had their first snow. The very tops have now turned white. They are incredibly beautiful in the winter. I have a hard time waiting for those days when it is brisk, but sunny. To take the bike out to the spot where I ride over the crest of a hill and have them in full view, in their winter dress. My heart always skips a beat. I feel I have touched heaven.

For now I sit and enjoy the memories. I also enjoy the prospects of the future. My family, my friends, my dogs (and of course Windy). They all hold an important piece of my puzzle called life. It is often a tough one to put together, but as the pieces interlock a glorious picture is beginning to emerge.


Monday, September 7, 2009

The answer is


This moderated comment thing is making me a bit crazy because I wasn't sure how to get to them. I guess I assumed when I signed in I would be notified that there were some waiting. That would be true, but one must sign out and then re-sign in. sigh.

So, to the crazy person who has become a lake swimming maniac: yes. My goal is to keep using the pool well into winter. I put on a cd and try to stay in thru the whole thing, or until I turn blue and which time I will become gramma smurf. We could have gnome tea; I'll bring the cherry toms...if they are overripe we can shoot them at the ferry "panel." Reservations, my a**(you get the the idea).

To the real estate landlord: yes. People can be really crazy liars. I will never understand it, but I guess if one makes a good amount of money doing it, they may see no reason to change. Hang in there, and dump those rotten tomatoes the former renters left behind. I don't think you have to keep their food for thirty days.

To any one else who may have commented or thought about it: Yes.

(Today is one of those glass half filled days.)


Answer your phone once in a while, I need play by play! Also, how much am I gonna need for that down payment, do you think?

I need to be home to answer the phone, I guess. I'm just busy keeping busy. Sorry. Down payment? No idea. Neighbor on the other side is out of town for ten days so I don't even know if it is officially on the market, or what the price will be. I think down payment will depend on price...often more down will buy a lower percentage rate. The folks that got themselves into trouble are the ones who went in with minimal down and figured they could refinance at the point of balloon payment. A good mortgage person can give you your options; often they will pre-qualify for a certain amount. (That is what I did. It helped me figure out what price range I could look at.) "Jim" is still whining but hasn't even looked for another place. He is behind again; I'm now wondering if the place is really going to be on the market or if they just want him out. Knowwhatimean?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Rain? Precip? Showers?

Or perhaps Downpour! Whatever you want to call it, it is coming down so hard that the fast speed on the windshield wipers is just barely enough to allow me to drive. It is really amazing. Last night late, for the first time in a rain storm, I lost the satellite signal for the TV. Yesterday I was perched on a ladder for a few hours; finishing the tent raising over my sometimes used rolling stock. The Costco tents are somewhat amusing in that each year they are different. Enough different that the tarp pieces do not interchange. In fact the tarp pieces go on differently as well. I put the walls and back on the new one first. It was a tough reach in a couple of places, but getting on top of the camper did the trick. Getting off was another story. I think I need to practice the dismount a few times before I allow myself up there in public. In fact, I was quite delighted that the sides and back were up so that the neighbor wasn't subjected to the odd myriad of attempts. Getting up was easy, but getting down just not so easy. I will not be using the attached ladder when I get up to paint the sealant in a couple of weeks. It is near impossible to safely get my feet on the ladder from the top. First of all there is no outward angle at all (duh) so it really would take two twist able ankles to safely get both feet onto the steps of the ladder, pointing in toward the camper. Add to that the fact that there is not a huge amount of space between the rungs of the ladder and the body if the camper. I'm thinking it really is there for looks, or to load a few things up on the very back. At any rate, I did eventually get myself down, and finished tying down and then staking the tents. Now, of course, it is impossible to get a load of wood back to the woodshed via truck. It will need to be wheelbarrowed in. With today's weather I can't help but think about that fact. It is time for the shed to be full of wood. I have about a cord in there, so need to put up about three more. I'm not overly worried, just dread the trek with the wheelbarrow. Oh well, it's good exercise! Anyway, the tarps. The new one done, I started doing "last year's model" that covers the grooming trailer. No matter how hard I tried I could not line up the holes in the top with the holes in the sides. It just wasn't happening. It was after the fourth attempt that I came in for the directions. Guess what? the sides don't even connect to the top, as they did in this year's model! Because this tent was two feet shorter than the other I was able to do most of the work from the step stool. I think putting the tents up slowly, a piece at a time, as made it easier to accept the big hulky things in my driveway. It is REALLY nice to know that the trailer and camper are safely out of the weather. I will even be able to work on, and in, them without getting rained on. That is the best part.

So next week starts with a bang. I need to wake up running. I've got grandkids, classes, appointments, and friends in town. Knowing that, I have cleaning to do. Lots of it. However, I do NOT need to clean the fridge or the freezer. They look fantastic, if I do say so myself.


I have found that I can do most things if I do them slowly and just keep going and going. Next time you are over (perchance to retrieve wee fridge thingie) you must linger upon my deck. It's just wonderful out there, totally belies the reality of very little space. I'm letting the spiders set sail upon the bamboo at will, since they are at the corner where they get in no one's face as they brush past.

Darn, lady. You think I come back and re-read what I have posted? I only saw this because I noticed your post on the previous. Do you read your own blog writings after posting? Perhaps I am weird? (Don't answer that!) Hopefully I can get over before Thursday. The house is going to be cleaned the next couple of days. I need to stay busy. Are you home this week?

Friday, September 4, 2009

The weekend ahead

It is interesting to me that I have this love/hate relationship with weekends. I got myself re-tyred before I moved here, so really the weekends should not mean a whole lot for me. But they still do. There is the good, and there is the no-so.

The good:
The kids and their spouses are not working. OK, except the daughter's spouse who cannot figure out how NOT to work.

The no-so:
Weekends are the time that medical stuff seems to appear. I can't imagine anyone wanting to go to an ER. I would have to be unconscious.
Ferry traffic is ugly. REALLY ugly. I cannot encourage the kids to come over as they would be stuck in ferry lines on both sides; lines that could take two hours of sitting before finally boarding.
Grocery shopping is crazy...IF you can get to the store through the ferry traffic. It is pretty easy to spot a "mainlander;" they tend to honk their horns, and they tend not to want to let anyone cross in front of, or get in front of, them. Oh, and they don't give you the happy wave should you decide to let someone in; they seem to enjoy the one finger salute.
Traffic is ugly. My kids laugh at me when I talk of traffic. It's true, darling children, I don't "know traffic" like I used to. One of the benefits of living here!
Aggressive driving makes for more accidents, which seems to compound the issue. I try to time my trips into town according to the ferry arrival schedule, which comes to my last not-so:
Ferry schedules become non-existent. I get email alerts for the ferry run. There will be several today that say "...are running late due to high traffic volumes. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause." sigh. This weekend we don't have our normal vessels either. An accident, oops "hard landing," on the Bainbridge run caused us to have to give up our big vessel. We certainly wouldn't want the BI folks inconvenienced now would we? Sadly it is things like this that really widen the gap and the "snot factor."

My weekend? I will be meeting up with friends at a nursery. The pup exchange which was to occur a couple of weeks ago is happening tomorrow instead. The sun is now shining on the rain soaked grass, I mean moss. Tomorrow there is a 70% chance of showers. Sunday an 80% chance of rain. I wonder if other parts of the country distinguish between showers, rain, and precipitation?

The first ferry alert just hit my mail box. The weekend has begun. Stay safe, my friends, and keep the shiny side up.

And Sunshine? You look great. A little precip in the mid region, but anyone who doesn't adore you and bask in your warmth is just plain crazy. Without you the tomatoes would never ripen. I have a few over-ripes if you have a need to throw a few. ;-)


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It Is A Fact, Part 2

That mondo-drugs do nothing for phantom pain, no matter which body part is gone. Now in my case, it is my breasts that are gone, gone with the cancer, about three years ago. But my nipples think they are still there! No one gave them the message. In my case, it feels like electrified clamps are, well, clamped, right THERE. Nothing helps. In the early days, I too tried medications. I tried massage. I tried heat, I tried cold. I tried pressure. I tried the complete opposite of pressure. Nothing helps, nothing at all. It doesn't happen as often as it used to, but it still happens (like the real fun half hour I spent just last night).

At least I don't have to walk on mine... but that sure conjures up a funny image. yeah, imagine a tire on a car, slowly losing wait, don't imagine that.

I suspect and pray that the research that is sure to follow the new numbers of amputees will turn something up. I just hope it isn't just another prescription for Elavil (tried it, didn't work) and we all know that narcotics just leave you in a still electrified haze. I just got home from Walmart with my script for amitriptyline (Elavil). However, I must say I was never given THAT for for phantom pain. It helps keep me from contemplating life from the top of an Edmonds "viewpoint." I'm really willing to be wrong on the 'Elavil doesn't work' thing. What if it DID work for phantom pain! Wouldn't that be something? All I ask, however is that amitriptyline (for you) and cymbalta (for me) keep us at sea level where we can't do anything rash. Or get a rash. Neither of us needs to deal with that either, lol. Here, have a tomato, my dear. Hmmmm. Once, I bought a flat of tomatoes and I ate so many of them that I broke out into a rash, all over my body. I had no idea that could happen...I've been more careful since then.

The horror these young people have gone through is bad enough, we really must figure out what to do with the phantom pains that will remind them with every shock. If it happens to ease the pains of two aging lady amputees, well that's just gravy. Absolutely! That fits in the "leave this place a little bit better in every thing we do" mantra that I am striving to live. So now we need to think about this...and not forget it.

Btw, Ramona says "Hi Nancy! How your horse?" Tell Ramona "Hi Ramona. Windy says Hi too."

Thanks, S2. I hope you didn't mind the added commentary. I've missed you!!

I never mind the commentary! I've missed you too.

It is a fact

That medical research is geared toward helping those "issues" that affect a larger (or famous) populace.
As the numbers of new amputees continue to grow at an alarming rate I am REALLY hoping that the issue of phantom pain will come to the forefront and some wonderful new ways to keep it at bay are discovered. For now the treatments range from magic wands to drugging to a stupor. I have yet to find anything that will send it packing when it rears its ugly head. My episodes are a rarity, thank goodness. This is an evil problem. It can truly send a person to thoughts of suicide. For me it seems to stem from prosthetic fit. Any slight change can cause a bit of pressure inside the prosthesis. If that pressure is in the area of a nerve it can trigger a reaction. The electrical shock that I feel can literally drop me mid stride. Twenty one years after my amputation I am still completely shocked, surprised, and unprepared when it hits. Most times it hits intermittently for less than an hour. I can find a rest room and make adjustments that will quiet it down. Sometimes nothing works and I will have hours of gut wrenching, screaming, and crying misery. Nothing has ever taken me down so quickly and so completely. I've tried magnets, acupuncture, massage, heat and cold, drugs, drugs, drugs, and nothing has worked. Nothing but time. Usually I am stuck in the bathroom, either head over the commode, or in the tub (the body, not just the head). It is not pleasant for me, or for any one that has to witness it. I am so very grateful that I have so few episodes. Many are not so lucky.

So, I now have this piece of bone knocking around in my "residual limb." No matter how hard I try I cannot make it go back into hiding. Mid-stride now it is quite normal to see me stop and wave my tattooed plastic extremity in the air much like the lion with the thorn in its paw. As I have said many, many times, I do not mind wearing shorts. I do not mind at all having folks admire the artwork my son drew for me. In fact I quite enjoy it! I do, however, mind when they have to witness the bizarre antics of me dealing with a wave of phantom pain; especially if I am in the middle of a parking lot and cannot move for a few seconds. Often strange sounds, such as gasps or ooos and ahhhs, accompany such events. When it gets really bad I get really desperate. I frantically try every thing I can think of, even though I know none has worked in the past. I am really glad I did the purge of the medicine cabinet. I would be kicking back narcotics like there is no tomorrow, and they do nothing at all, save for intense itching and the later need for roughage. I've tried them all. The BIG guns. Stuff that would put down a 600 pound man for hours. No more effective than a sugar pill. What's worse is that by taking aforementioned big guns my brain is tricked into believing that relief is in sight. When it doesn't come the despair is even greater. Since turning all that stuff in for disposal I admit to wishing I had it, as "this time it might have worked." Silly games the brain plays, eh? The silliest of all is this pain in my left small toe. The one that has been gone for over 21 years now!

Does anyone know a nice little mouse with a pair of tweezers?

G2, who is just going to get on the treadmill (with the emergency stop cord attached) and see if that will help.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Nom, Morgan, the docs. (Meyrick Jones; you inspire me.) I'm going to go for it. I'm not sure what I have to prove to myself; perhaps I want some control out of this body that is rightfully mine. Perhaps I want to test it. Perhaps it is just me. It seems I have always been dealt challenges and have now learned to savor them. It has become a fascinating game to me; both mentally and physically. Prior to my marriage I was incredibly active (and 110 pounds, sigh). I took on challenges physically and mentally with a deep breath and a deep dive. Now things are just a bit different. It has become more a mental game in that my steps have to be carefully planned so the collateral damage is kept to a minimum. While there are a few who think that I am crazy to "risk my health," those who really know me understand that I must do this stuff. I have never been an arm chair quarterback. I am an Olympics junkie and have been my entire life. At 55 I still dream that it is me out there. Each small challenge I can cross off the list makes me a happier person. Isn't that what life is about? Accepting the challenges? I lost fifteen years of my life. I refuse to lose even one more. Call me crazy or call me strong. I just call me "me."

G2, who is going to go get some corgi loves before she heads back to the city

I think I am going to try to swim all winter; in the backyard. Possible? Time will tell. With the bike trainer, treadmill, and pool I will have the most boring training possible; perhaps that is not such a good idea.