Thursday, February 24, 2011


I suppose it is time to update, but I have been keeping busy doing who knows what, and other things of utmost importance.

So far the Nugg-butt has had no competition on the circuit he is doing. NONE. No competition means "why bother." This weekend may be different, or at least I can hope. The handler is doing well with him, and at last contact said he was learning Nugget's "buttons." That is a good thing. So it will be up to me to get him in the ring and showing well, starting the weekend after he comes home, with Seattle. A venue that rates as my number two most hated. Crazy, loud, indoor, with no where to pee and poop the dogs. Seattle, however, takes the top spot as far as cost. So it goes, and I just need to concentrate hard on taking the learning he is getting from the handler and keeping it going. Hopefully he will be home in time to do a drop in handling class before the ring. He is good, but I feel a bit out of the loop. I think two weeks after Seattle is Bremerton, which is my neighborhood. Easy and cheap. Little gas, no ferries and cheap parking. A nice relief after Seattle. Show season is officially heating up.

Speaking of heat; nothing on Kate. I think she is waiting for Nugget to come home. At least he is used to crate time now. It sure would have been nice to have had it over with while he was gone. Not to be. At this point I haven't a clue when she will come in. I'm sure she will surprise me one of these mornings. Perhaps if I plan something big for myself...

Grand girl number three turned five yesterday. How can it be? She is such a crack up. In typical fashion I gave her a kid safe digital camera. The older two both have them. It is such fun to see what they come up with. If I could only get their parents to download some pictures and send to me...tap, tap, tap.

The Daddy heard me tap and sent a pile of pictures. This little camera allows for some, uhhh, creative picture taking.

The birthday girl:

A picture she took of her Mommy:

And of her sister:

and one I took of her with the banner the girls made welcoming Mommy home:

The snow is coming down now, and it is quite pretty. Last night it was a raging storm on the east side of the Sound, and I was more than a little nervous about what home would hold. I had watched two of the girls for a couple of days, which meant I also had to borrow a car as my truck won't hold two booster seats. Then, of course, when time was up I needed to take the car, and kids, back. My truck snuggly tucked in the carport. It is only a wee bit over a mile from the house to the ferry dock, I think. So, I figured I would drop the car where it belonged and go back to spend some time with the kids, then my son would drop me at the ferry in the early afternoon when he went to pick up his wife at the airport. Nope. He went to work, then from work to the airport, then to the hospital to drop of wife's brother, then home. Then we have to take the girls and Mom to brother's house so she can get the nieces and take all the kids to swim lessons, which ended up being scratched as the mini van that she thought was parked in brother's garage was actually in use by HIS wife, so no room to take four kids to swimming in his small car. (Following this?) So, it is now five and the snow is coming down harder by the minute. Big, sloppy, wet. I get to the ferry and know it will be dark when I walk home. I can only hope it won't be as wet and cold as it would be walking a mile in the Seattle slop. It will be the 6:10 ferry out of Edmonds, so about 6:40 into Kingston. As we reach the halfway mark on Puget Sound I can see the lights in Kingston. That means that it is not raging as it was to the east. I tried to call the neighbor and no one was home, or perhaps no one was answering the phone. I will be walking.

It was pretty out. Very, very light snow falling. Very chilly, but I intend to power walk home, so that could be a good thing. I check my watch and it is 6:44 when I head off the ramp. All is good on the main drag...gee, maybe because there are streetlights!! As soon as I turned down the street that my little road leads off of, I could see that there would be issues requiring me to slow down. I could no longer see where I was stepping, for one. No street lights. There was just enough traffic that I could get a general idea of the layout and where my road began. No sidewalks, so I walked in the road unless a car was coming. Once I got to my gravel road I was in deep doo-doo. I got here, all is grand. I must admit to wanting to woo the man on the ferry with the little gas scooter. Five minutes after I got home the snow really started coming down. Time of arrival? 7:05. Not too bad considering I felt like I was crawling up my road. However, this is not something I would ever choose to do again.

So today I should be house cleaning, and instead I sit here at the computer. I watch the snow falling, and feel my sore throat, and am quite content with the two sleeping dogs at my feet.

So, halfway done with Nugget's time away. I am halfway sick with a sore throat and stuffy nose. My house is halfway clean.

It sure is pretty out there...


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Sandy ~~~ said...

Love the snow pics and the silly pics from the new camera! Our snow is about 5 inches and blowing sideways at 20 mph, wind chill at 19. Brrr...horses were in all day today and will be in again tomorrow. I can't put them out and put out would be in Buckley before you know it.

Can you get some impromptu handling tips from the handler when Nugg-Butt gets home? I bet he could tell you a lot about your boy!