Friday, February 18, 2011

My week of driving

It was a week of crazy for me, and for the truck. I suppose for Nugget as well. It was also a week of learning, a week of sushi eating, a week litter naming, a week of laughing, and a week of shedding a tear or two.

Nuggie bug is officially a grown up. He learned about what it takes to be a daddy dog. After two trips across the pond for that we loaded up and headed south for a three week stint with the handler. Boot camp for doggies. As with my oldest human son, this was a tough one as well. I really love the family he is with. It was surprisingly easy to leave him. Or so it seemed. What I find now is that I just can't think about him. I know after a few days it will be better. I know after that first call on Monday evening, when I hear that all is well, I will be better. I hope that by Monday Kate is also better.

Today when we went out to do chores and have the first morning "fetch" session I had to throw out three balls for two dogs. Neither of the other two would go after the first ball, as that has always been Nugget's ball. I guess he must be top dog, eh? So I did the obligatory throwing of the first pitch, then left it and played with the other two. These guys are so much into routine that it makes me insane.

Henry, for example, knows that first thing in the morning the dogs go outside, then I use the bathroom. As soon as he comes in he runs to the bathroom and sits at the doorway and barks for me. Like I don't know that I need to go? Perhaps I might have forgotten where it is? I often try to change up the routine just to mess with his head. And it does! However, there is only so long that I can do the potty dance before I really have to use the bathroom. (I must get the other toilet changed out so that I don't have to use the one that he insists I use!) I hate when people know "my routine" and I doubly hate that I am so predictable that even my dog knows it. (For what it is worth, if I don't feel I can wait for the dogs, then I leave my leg off and hop to the bathroom. None of the dogs budge from the bed unless I put my leg on. As soon as it is on it means "time to get up." sigh)

I looked up Kate's heat dates for the past three seasons and it looks like she could come in anywhere from about a week, to one month and two weeks. She has cycles that are 6-7.5 months in length. My luck will be that it will happen as Nugget returns. No, he will not get a crack at her yet. However, there are pups (hopefully) coming to my neck of the woods. Also hopefully one will be a suitable "wife" for the Nug-butt. Being new to this whole breeding dogs thing, and very much NOT superstitious, I think it may be time to announce that my girl will be Casper's mystery date next month. Stunning fronts, gi-normous ears, and for me (hopefully) an improved top line. The icing on the cake is that they really love each other. From the first visit she thought he was husband material. He seems pretty smitten with her as well. So, fingers crossed as Europe meets west coast...healthy little blue sushi rolls to come in late spring/early summer.

Enough thinking about dogs. I am feeling a bit "verklempt." Time to clean.



Sandy ~~~ said...

OMG...there you have it! Your litter theme will be "sushi"! And the first little bitch will be "Spring Roll"!

2Grandmas2 said...

Yes, and the "pistol" will be Wasabi...

Kim said...

Wasabi, gari (ginger), sashimi, cali, nigiri, umami, rainbow, nori, sake, soy, spicy tuna, miso, tempura

Anonymous said...

I love the sushi theme!!! Here are all sorts of names or references:

dreameyce said...

I want Miso... ;)