Thursday, April 7, 2011

More win photos

The Carbon/Lilac pups take WB/BOW and WD

Shea was d-o-n-e. She was "in a girly way" and likely wondered why we were avoiding her. After class they headed for home as I considered whether or not to do the picture thing.

As I passed the ring, at some point, the judge asked if we were doing a picture. I guess that is "judge talk" for you ARE taking a picture. So after she was done we headed for the wonderful picture display area. However, a fair amount of time elapsed between classes and pictures, so I took the Nugg Butter out to go potty. It was raining pretty hard by then, so I carried him to a patch of grass and then back to the arena.

I guess because the judge was in the picture it was decided that I would stand rather than kneel behind the dog as I had done the day before. Picture taken I headed for home.

Today the Sunday picture arrived.

Yes, it has been cropped. You see, in standing the ferry boat appears to be coming thru my derrier. Add a very disheveled handler who badly needs a stylist, and whose face appears to be saying "there is a ferry coming out my rear" and it gets cropped. I can laugh about it now, and may at some point share. For now, enjoy the somewhat muddy Nugget; looking mahvelous.

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Sandy ~~~ said...

Just remember...the dog won the class so don't feel bad about not including yourself (even though I saw the un-touched/chopped pic).