Thursday, December 23, 2010

Crazy, freaked out, silliness

and a wee bit of sadness.

Last night after a nice wander around the park to see Christmas lights and then dinner, I came home to computer problems. Instead of messing with it I decided to watch some TV and furminate the two shedding dogs. I then wrapped a few more presents and headed to the warmth of my bed, still looking for something on the television. I found a show titled "Modern Family," and settled in. In minutes I had one dog sleeping at my side. I had one dog who had crawled under the bed with just a nubby tail showing. The third dog settled at my head, panting and shaking. What the heck was going on?? Suddenly there was movement under the bed. Henry came out like a bullet and clawed his way onto the bed and tried to dig his way under Nugget, and under the covers. Kate was now panting, shaking, and drooling on my head. I put on my leg and went to the door to see if I could see anything. Nope. All is secure in the house, but now I am not only perplexed by their reactions but getting a bit nervous myself. My bed is actually vibrating from the shaking doggies. Nugget, however, is calmly resting as if nothing is happening. Again, what the heck?!

Then, just as I get the glazed look out of the dogs' eyes it happens. Frantically Kate looks at me as if to tell me I had deceived her. Henry wants to become one with the middle of the box spring, through my mattress. I have to laugh at the silliness of it all. Then I changed the channel. If any one out there watches "Modern Family" I would love to know if the guy ever found the beeping smoke detector...

Within minutes peace was restored to the house.


On this Christmas eve eve I would like to take a minute to wish a great holiday season to all. My thoughts are with all my friends and family that are missing loved ones or dealing with health problems. It is a tough time of year for so many.

I look forward to many new experiences in the days and months ahead and wish the same for all. Life is such an adventure, isn't it? I intend to do my best to enjoy each and every minute of it.

Hey, lady. Is that a tomato in your ear?



Anonymous said...

Yes they do find the smoke detector. The family had replaced the old ones a while back and the boy had put them in the attic for storage without taking the batteries out. I love that show!!!

Sandy ~~~ said...

Ditto sweetpea, ditto.