Tuesday, December 14, 2010


(as is possible, living in this house!)

Kate. Following the whole tail wagging thing a few weeks back, seems to have finally decided to settle in and just be a dog. I sometimes think there is something wrong with her and go in search. Since I brought her home, she has not left my side. Literally. She wanted to be no farther than about ten feet. Certainly within eye shot. Whenever I left she would destroy things in the house if not crated. She had her obsessive things she did; the licking of inanimate objects, the staring at nothing. Most of those went away after the pup came home; just showing in times of severe stress.

I went away for three days and boarded Kate and Henry. It was the second time I had left her at this same place. When I picked her up she was happy to see me and greeted me, then headed up the stairs to see what the six year old was doing. I put the dogs in the back of the truck as they were wet and muddy. She was delighted to be home, and happy to see Nugget, and happy to see the horse. Just smiley. Then she came in the house and had a drink of water and settled in like it was just another day. No tripping over her as I moved about the house. No frantic whines as I unloaded the truck. It was a bit weird. We are talking Kate! Then she disappeared. I was on the computer and I couldn't find her anywhere near. She had decided it was bedtime and went to bed. (Sadly, that would be on my pillow, where I soon discovered how truly muddy she and Henry were. Needless to say when I got to bed it was with three clean dogs; two of them a bit damp.)

I can leave to do little trips to town now, and not crate the dogs. No trouble. Nothing destroyed. I won't do it for hours at a time, but that would be more because I have a pup in the house, and because I think they need to be comfortable hanging out in their crates.

So, the count is now TWO relatively normal dogs and one psycho dog. Henry, however, is not destructive and I know his buttons so can avoid them.

The tailed ones are definitely my breed. What truly amazing, and cool dogs they are.

So it is on to hips and eye testing for the girl. The future may be interesting...



Anonymous said...

ahhh so sweet to hear of the nice adjustment. Polly seems to be settling in to our house in the same manner. Some quirks but nothing that a little love and time won't fix.

Sandy ~~~ said...

My take...I think you are empowering Kate by letting her "leave you" once in awhile. In your efforts to comfort her and make her a "normal" dog, maybe she became too dependent on you? Now, going away for the weekend she proved to herself (and you) she is maturing emotionally. It's a long road but she has defitnitely struck out "on her own". Good job to both of you. And particularly to you for letting her test herself.