Monday, December 6, 2010


by a few folks who have made some dietary changes, (and they know who they are) I decided it was time to bite the bullet and go back to Weight Watcher's meetings. (Don't get me wrong, I rather enjoy the meetings, I just couldn't handle the idea of being weighed.)

I had been quite successful with WW a few years ago, losing around 60 pounds. Then I had a relapse with my disease and my eating habits went down the tubes. So I regained 2/3 of what I lost. I needed to be held more accountable than I was on my own. There is also the part of me that feels that if I am paying for something, then I need to get something in return. I know, weird head games, but so it goes.

I am pretty excited about upcoming training and being able to do more as I will be carting less.

I am also excited about the new program that WW has started. I am actually not hungry, and I am not sucking down the celery and salsa. Now if I can just wrap my head around the fact that this is all new and the old points are rubbish, I will be a bit less stressed. However, seeing those numbers on the scale going down definitely eases the stress!

So I am back to eating a good breakfast when I get up. I think that is the key for me.

Time will tell.



Anonymous said...

Yep good old Weight Watchers. Jason and I did really good a couple years back but the weight has come back. I signed up for WW online a couple weeks back. The new program is all weird. Haven't really been excited about it. I just need to buckle down and do it. I totally get the paying for something is motivation. We did so well and liked WW so much that our leader came to our wedding in 2007. Strange huh? Best of luck to you.

Traci said...

GOOD FOR YOU!!!! Congrats for getting back on that horse! Sometimes it's hard to keep going week after week, but the smaller numbers that come up on the scale are well worth whatever sacrifice we're making! :) I'll be here cheering for you!!

Léo said...

Don't know too many people with more will power than you, Nancy. Cheering for you here too.

Sandy ~~~ said...

You are on track lady...and sharing your experiences may empower others. Wow, that way you might be responsible for 100s of pounds of weigh loss, huh?