Thursday, November 18, 2010

Good morning, Sunshine

Low thirties this morning with a breeze. BRRRRRRRRRR. It's a good thing I have sunshine, albeit through a bed hog, to warm me from the inside. (No need to wipe your monitors; that is hair on my comforter! Yep, it's still flying here.)

Snow warnings continue, and I choose to pretend that I don't read them. 50 toenails are trimmed (Henry has thumbs) and Nugget is set for the show. He will get his bath on Friday morning after a final run in the muddy field. I will then sing praises, yet again, for the trailer out front.

I'm off and running to stock the pantry and fill the truck with gas. I am also hoping that my order of grooming supplies comes today.



Sandy ~~~ said...

"...the trailer out front"?

2Grandmas2 said...

I have one of my son's self contained grooming trailers. (Also contains the hair.) He used to have a mobile grooming business and they hauled around 1 horse trailers that were revamped. He had four and I helped with the sale of three. He gave me the 4th. I bought one of the work trucks, which is the little white one that I drive now.