Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It just got busier

(this was taken two years ago...)
As if pre-show "stuff" isn't enough, the weather service just informed Kitsap County residents (that would be me) that snow is likely coming in this weekend. I noticed the beauty of the snow capped Olympics while driving to Poulsbo on Saturday. I knew it would come, but not on a show weekend!! So now I have more on the plate as I need to drain the pool down to a reasonable depth. We have had an incredible amount of rain and the water level is almost over the skimmer line. This year the pump is working so I can turn it on to avoid freeze damage...if there is power. Kitsap County is known for those wonderful lovers of trees. (I admit, I am smitten myself.) However, trees and power lines often times clash in my area. Snow laden trees take a heavy toll on the over time work crews for the energy company. I'm sure this year will be no different. Add to it the fact that I drive a small pickup truck. No amount of weight in the back seems to be enough to give me the traction needed to get in and out of my driveway if it snows.

This year I do, however, have a snow shovel. Two years ago when we had substantial snow, I used a regular flat nosed shovel to build trails in the snow for the dogs. My dogs had some issues trying to comfortably relieve themselves. They had a blast bunny hopping around, but then would come in with the task at hand undone. So I had trails leading to clearings for them. I also had trails leading to the horse. I found that as the snow began to melt those places that were not cleared and were packed down became ice skating paths. I decided to get a snow shovel. There were none to be found. I take it back, there were some, but they were being hawked on CL and other places for many times a "normal" price. I continued using my heavy, ice encrusted, steel shovel. As Spring arrived that year, so did a shipment of snow shovels. I remember standing in the aisle holding this thing of beauty. Huge plastic blade. Lightweight. Nice short handle with a hand loop. I was in love, and clutched it to me as if I had found hidden treasure. It has been sitting in the garage ever since. Still shiny and new. If I never have to use it, that would be fine. But it is there, along with its can of Pam. Waiting and watching.

And I sit, and look at the lists. This show is a bit of a handler's nightmare. The rings are set up in a horse arena. Packed dirt. Usually it is raining outside. Wet dogs, especially bellies on the corgis. Wet bellies into dirt. Muddy corgis. Nugget will not get to touch the ground from the point of the truck until he enters the ring. I have instructed him that he will be going potty at home, on the grass, before we leave and that will be it until he is done in the ring. So he had better start going today. (He doesn't believe me.) Grooming wise, it is a bit of a nightmare and a blessing. The lights are also marginal. No need to get too crazy about making sure the whites are overly white and blacks overly black. My goal is to be sure that the judge doesn't end up with mud on his/her hand when examining my dog...

So, I built a wood top for my crate. Put some angle iron on the edges to keep it secure. A bit of spongy shelf liner for grip. Voila. A place to perch the Nugg-man for last minute touch up. $6. I will eventually replace the shelf liner with a rubber mat or indoor outdoor carpet. For now it is fine and I am patting myself on the back. We are set, equipment wise. We have our big wheel, adjustable, "four wheel drive" crate dolly. Nice, big, inflatable tires that won't bury themselves in the arena dirt. Both a one dog, and two dog crates, should I bring along Miss Kate (which isn't happening at this show). And now a crate top grooming "table." Life is good!

Today is "run around" day. Appointments, shopping, picking up the cleaning. All that fun pre-show stuff. Soon the house will smell of liver brownies. MMMMMMMMMMM....gag. I am still getting handfuls of hair off of Nugget. I haven't a clue how he is going to look following his bath. He will be wearing his sleezy to the show on Saturday morning. His new big boy hair is not quite long enough to lay flat on its own. His baby hair is still flying around enough that I find it everywhere. Now Henry is beginning to blow his coat. Oh the joy of Corgis!

So I am off to the shower. I'm sure I will have my audience with me. My protectors.

Shoot...I almost forgot, I need to order a new "foot" for my prosthesis. You see IF you don't feel your feet/shoes getting wet, and don't change the socks, and don't have any heat coming from aforementioned foot to dry the sock/shoe, the plastic/rubber/whatever will deteriorate. Yep, I rotted out my foot. Just the cover that allows me to fit into a shoe. It's pretty important. The inner makings of my leg are coming out the bottom of my foot cover. I guess I am also going to Bremerton today to order a new one. It likely won't be here by Saturday. If I fall on my face, could someone ringside run in and turn me over so I don't inhale too much dirt? Thanks in advance!

No rest for the wicked. Did I say it may snow this weekend?...



Sandy ~~~ said...

I'm your girl for the flipping you over in the ring if you flip over in the ring. But with the knuckleheaded knee I won't be flying into the ring at anything faster than a walk!

Anonymous said...

I'll be there to help you as long as you help us get the lovely crate cart thru the mud. I am so not looking forward to this weekend. I am actually dreading it. Did I ever mention that I really hate getting dirty (the only really girly thing about me).

Ugh. Just telling myself be happy that this is the last outdoor show. Indoors for several months to come!!!

Anonymous said...

We have a snow shovel that I don't think has ever seen snow! It has been used for many other things (they are great multi-taskers around the house). I have a feeling this year should be a good one and it might get some use!

2Grandmas2 said...

Oh this is indoors! Yeppers. Indoor dirt and dust sticking to outdoor rain. Enjoy, Alta! ;o)

See you in a couple of days.