Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Crazy Dog Lady

is alive and well, or so it seems.

Yesterday morning the phone rings and it is from Puerto Rico. "Can you do me a huge favor?" The voice is from a young lady that is the Cub Scout leader in the area. One of the sweetest people I know. She has two young munchkins under five and a big sweet chocolate lab. She was also 22 weeks pregnant. Key word here: "WAS." On a cruise with her husband she began to hemorrhage and had to be flown to Puerto Rico where they managed to transfuse her with nine pints of blood and save her life. Her little baby, at 1 pound, 1 ounce, is clinging to life. Her concern at that moment? The dog. This dog is bullet proof and happy, as a picture book lab always is. He is old enough to also be quiet and gentle. I do adore this dog. He was at the house, alone. They may be gone for days, weeks, or months. He was used to cleaning up after the toddler, and looking after the family. I headed out to get him, wondering how my three, a giant lab, and I, would all manage in this little house.

When I got to the house there was no question that he needed to be with people. His head was down, and his tail low. He wasn't sure who was coming in his driveway, but one quick look told him it was NOT his family. I rolled the window down before I stopped the truck and spoke his name. He knew my voice and began to wiggle. When I got out he began to do a corgi frap! He ran as fast as he could around the house, gently touching me with his nose on each lap. We could figure something out.

I didn't feel he would be completely happy here. My life is pretty boring for him. I have no kids. After a phone call, I found a family with kids his kids' ages that was more than willing to take him in for however long was needed. Their little girl had been begging for a dog. They were not ready. Enter "the test."

I think the dog likely feels he has died and gone to doggy heaven. There is a pond. There are four children to keep his mind occupied. There are chickens that he must learn to "LEAVE IT.!" As I left he was rolling on the grass with the silliest lab grin on his face.

In a couple of hours I will call and make sure the night went well. I will make a date with the little girl and will go over with a bag of goodies and we will teach the dog to "shake hands."

I will also take her one of my (still in the wrapper) pooper scoopers.

I am honored that this new again Mom thought to call me when she was fretting about her dog.

However, this song keeps running through my head now:

If there's something strange in your neighborhood
Who you gonna call?
If there's something weird and it don't look good
Who you gonna call?

Ghostbusters Ray Parker, Jr.

Yeah, change a few words here and there and it does seem to work, doesn't it? sigh

Good thoughts are streaming to Puerto Rico. I hope it is a long time before we see this young family back in town. I will be calling to fill them in on their beloved dog in a bit.

G2 (aka the crazy dog lady)

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