Saturday, November 6, 2010

Yes, Virginia

Corgis shed!!

Lately I have been having a few issues. Anyone who spends more than five minutes with me will see it. Thumb and forefinger plucking. Hair from my tongue. Hair from my shirt. Hair from my food. Black hair. Brown hair. White hair.

The Nugget-man is trying hard to get his big boy coat. It is just taking way too long for my tastes...literally (don't ask for buttered anything at my house). He sees me grab the "Furminator" and his tail goes between his legs and ears go down flat on his neck. He then calmly slinks to the grooming table to await his fate. (Such a good boy!)

We have two shows in two weeks. He has crazy hair. It is about half puppy coat and half big dog coat. At nine months old, that is about right. However, his attitude and composure in the ring has made it easy to decide it is time for him to compete with the big boys. He is ready. Except for this hair thing.

I was going to start prepping the inside of the house for fresh paint. Except for this hair thing.

At some point we will reach the point where this will slow to a light dusting of hair everywhere, right?

Why am I the only one coughing up hairballs?


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