Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chaos rules

yet again at Casa de Galena.

The Nugg-butt is back home.

After a rather exhausting drive to Vancouver, WA and back (around 200 miles each way) we are back together and creating havoc.

Everyone wants to know if he has changed. It is hard to say, since he left a changed little dog, having, hopefully, sired his first litter. Time will tell, and I will not. :X

With that in mind, when I picked him up it was pretty funny. He was brought from the dog area and I think he thought he was going to work, or for a walk. His eyes were on the handler until I called to him. He then came running over whining, but NOT peeing! YES!! (However, he was very excited to see me, if you get my drift. NOT OK!)
Andy called him back and Nugget gave him an excited kiss. It was quite apparent that he does, indeed, bond with his charges. That was very nice to see. Andy said he was sad and missed me the first few days and then easily settled into the routine. He hung with mini flat dogs (whippets) and his best buddy was a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Andy, while unable to get him in the ring due to lack of competition, was able to work the Nugget-butt through his fear of big dogs. I could not be happier. He is fat, hairy, and quite sassy. Definitely more hormonally driven than he was when he left here. However, that could have easily happened here as well, just due to age.

The worst part of the drive home was the first five minutes. He laid down, and whined. And whined. And whined. I have no clue what that was about, and around the time I was ready to pull over and yell, he quit. He hasn't done it since. Perhaps he was telling me the woes of boot camp. Perhaps he was telling me he missed me. I haven't a clue but it sure was irritating.

As we turned the corner to head for home Nugget got VERY excited. I thought he was going to drive his nose through the vents. The salt air? Perhaps. Mud flats? More likely. When we pulled into the driveway he erupted, as did the dogs in the house. I have no idea when he had last pee'd, but I tried to get him to go before we went in and he was having none of it. 'Twas a tri-color reunion the likes of which I may never see again. I wasn't sure whose body parts attached to what body. I got them all outside and noticed that he was also very happy to see Kate. Delighted. Beyond words. Also NOT OK!

By now my token brown dog in the field was nickering and calling her wayward pup/foal to visit. I was beat, having had a mere three hours of sleep the night before, but the animals come first, so out we go. Besides, they have been crated for the past seven hours so a run might buy me some nap time! After some Windy nuzzling it was time to run and fetch and do other doggy things. Poor little Nugg-man couldn't keep up with his sibs and, with tongue hanging to the ground, collapsed less than half way through a normal pasture outing. Hmmmmm....

Nap time! Yeah, right. Nap time for Nugget. After some serious snuggling he fell fast asleep atop me. I didn't want to move, but could not get a nap either. Early bedtime, I am thinking!

I was in bed by seven. (Make note: budget in a bigger bed!!) Nugget on my head. Kate at my shoulder, and Henry at my foot. However, I can hardly move this morning; I don't think I moved much all night. I am incredibly stiff!

But the day begins; back to normal. For now. Nugget is still quite interested in Kate. She should be coming into heat any day. Then the fun begins.

Has he changed? Yes. And no. Ring time on Saturday, or class tonight, may be a better indicator.

For now, I am going to take him out to the field to run. I am going to take some ibuprofen for my back. I am going to clean this house. Anything more is pure bonus.



Sandy ~~~ said...

Glad everyone is happy! I thinking the initial whining was him missing Andy and the gang...really I do. As far as he knew that was his new home and his new buddies and you were taking him away from the place he had settled into.

2Grandmas2 said...

Makes sense, but he was doing it when he climbed into my arms too. Perhaps it was a "don't take me out of here?" As excited as he was when we were headed up the road, he didn't miss them for very long!