Monday, March 7, 2011


Long legged and quite wet about the head.

Henry came into the room yesterday looking like his head had been dunked in the toilet. Seriously.

Upon closer examination I noticed the wetness extended to the ruff, but was mainly face and ears.

Kate!! She came into the room with the biggest smile I had seen in three weeks.

And a very dry licker.


Henry had finally consented to a mama dog bath.

Henry usually snarled when Kate and her licker came near him. She had to be content cleaning Nuggie, and only Nuggie. With him gone I have found various places that have been Kate licked. Window casings, sills with varnish gone in spots, furniture. While he looked a bit bedraggled, I was delighted. I only wish he had consented weeks ago. I do, however, understand completely his lack of desire and understanding toward his "sister." She has tried to bathe me as well, and after about 1.5 seconds I run screaming from the room. It is just gross to hear, and even more gross to have to submit to. I do wonder why Nugget puts up with it day in and day out, and wonder if he will still submit once he gets home from basic training. I guess I will know in a day or two.

So a trip to the tether ball should wear her out for now, and allow me a quiet escape for some cleaning and organizing... or perhaps a REAL shower rather than a Kate spit bath. ewwwwwwwwww

Next posting will be back to whatever normal means at Casa Galena. I cannot wait!!



Sandy ~~~ said...

Normal? What's that?

Anonymous said...

I hate the sound of dogs giving each other a bath. It is so gross, especially when they do the ears.

Normal- no such thing!