Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hair, hair, everywhere

Yes. I have corgis. Three of them. What a lot of you don't know is that I am also allergic to dogs, cats, horses. I choose to ignore the allergies and be miserable, rather than live without my dogs and be much more miserable. So I choose one of the hairyest breeds of dog that I can find. Not to be mistaken for the dog I am most allergic too, however. THAT prize would go to the Dobie, Dalmatian, etc. Short and oily hair leaves me in a giant hive; and yes, I once had a Dobie as well. I am a glutten for punishment, I guess.

At any rate, I have these three stumpy dogs that cannot seem to get their shed times synchronized. They all sleep with me. Two vie for pillow space...with the youngest seeming to have dominated as of late. As a result I have a chronically sore throat and sinus infection, and, worse, am always pulling hair from my mouth, ears, eyes, bedclothes...

One morning I was getting corgi snuggles and looked across the "bedscape" to find a gazillion little hairs standing up across the linens. (Did that make sense at all?? It looked like a toddler's head after rubbing a balloon across it.) And I had changed the sheets about four days before. When laundering them I had emptied the lint trap twice as well. I got out the lint brush, the masking tape, then the vacuum. At that point a light went on. Satin sheets! Yes!

All who know me would know that the last thing I need satin pillowcases for is my coiffe. snicker. Just the thought cracks me up. Nuggets? Hmmmm, I might have to think about that, but mine? No. OK, now I need to take a break while I run to the bathroom as my chuckling is getting out of hand.

OK. Back.

So, I go to Ross and pick up some nice, shiny, ooooo silky, satin sheets. Niiiice. I will be able to just brush the hair right off! My throat and nose are already thanking me. I can't help but smile as I change the linens. Sa-weet!

Then I go to bed. They feel smooth and nice on my body. Not bad on my face either.

Until the dogs join me for bed.

Poor Nugget. He took his spot on the spare pillow and began to slide. Into the closest low spot. yeah. That would be my head. Twice. He climbed back up and then laid there, trying to relax with this look on his face (note the parking brake):

He finally gave up, temporarily.

However, several times in the night I awoke with a thump to the head.

Back to flannel pillowcases tonight. (And unruly hair. snicker)

It seemed like a good idea at the time.


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Anonymous said...

I know all about that allergies thing. I am allergic to cats and dogs, along with birch and oak trees. Interesting what you are allergic too when actually tested. I could've sworn a lot more things but not on the testing. I got rid of the cats but not the dogs. I take allergy medication x2, nasal spray and twice weekly allergy shot injections. All cause I love the stumpy dogs.