Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gee, thanks, Kim...

OK, in keeping with a challenge set forth by one who must not be named(even though I already did) I am to divulge seven things about myself or my blog subjects.

Here you go:

1. I actually DO have four left feet (currently). One in the closet in the spare room, one in the dining room, one currently attached to my body, and one by my bed. Oh, and a spare in the laundry room. Change that to FIVE left feet.

2. I want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane this summer; with a parachute, of course!

3. My mental health therapist is a motorcycle.

4. I let very few people into my "inner circle" but easily open it to those furred
ones that share my abode.

5. The older I get, the more conservative I become.

6. Dog showing is a "bucket list" thing.

7. I cannot allow myself to think about health issues in my past. Yeah,that is a biggie, and why I only speak of them for minutes at a time and change the
subject. ;o)


So there you go, Kim. sigh


Sandy ~~~ said...

Love go girl!

Kim said...


Anonymous said...

Very nicely done.