Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Last night and tonight

I have to be incredibly careful and remember there is a baby in the house. Why? This picture was taken as I sat on the chair at my desk. I had to hold the camera upside down and backwards to get the picture.
Nugget is such a sweet, sweet boy, and incredibly easy. I just need to be aware of where he is at all times as it is likely under my feet if he is sleeping.
We had our first handling class tonight and he had a blast but was exhausted by the time we headed home. He has "stand" pretty well down, but "stay" is not in his repertoire as of yet. We will get there, and at this point it is all about the food and fun.
Tonight he looks like this:

Nugget is back in his crown. He is fine about it, but Kate is not pleased. She rather liked cleaning his ears several times a day and now has no access to them for a few days. She immediately went over to the ugly stool and started licking it again. Something she has not done since Saturday night. I decided that I would prefer that over her trying to remove Nugget's crown. All three are asleep and that is my clue that it is bedtime. So I will be off to bed, with my Cardigan Mountain Dog, or is it Bernese Welsh Corgi, in tow. I sure love those freckles. and those eyes. And the beautiful markings. And his kisses. and. and.and...


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Kim said...

Tell Kate she needs to clean Shea's ears, they are soooooo gross!