Monday, April 19, 2010

Still perfect

As I await the fall. OK, not exactly perfect, as my shoelace is being tugged upon and chewed as I type. I am sure there will be more signs of "puppy at the house" as dear Nugget settles in, but at this point it has been surprisingly easy. He does talk as he plays. I'm talking whining at the bone, ball, stuffie. It is a bit unnerving to Kate, who thinks it is a distress call for a total body bath and check. We have had a total of two accidents in the house. All that means at this point is that he has me well trained to run him outside at very regular intervals. Not a huge deal. This little guy takes everything in stride. Nothing seems to rattle him.

Yesterday we had a field trip to Auntie Kim's and Uncle Mark's. He got a chance to play with his sister, Shea, who promptly grabbed him by the masking tape crown. She is quite the pistol, but I think he managed to get her back a few times by the end of the afternoon. Nugget didn't open his eyes at all on the way home, and was in bed after chores and a quick re-meet and tussle with Henry and Kate. I can't tell if he knows this is now home, as he is so unflappable.

I read all the time about people who are counting the days until their puppies are ready to go into the ring, and now I really understand it. I can't wait. We are doing a fun match next month, just because we can. Kate will be alongside as a stable point. (He for her, not the other way around.) I was given some things to work on; I have never raised a puppy for the show ring. It is very different. I worry more about silly things. It is hard to just let him be a puppy and rough house and roll in horse poo. Will this eventually go away? (The worry, not the poo.) Right now the two long tails are playing and the crown is soaking wet. ALL of the toys are spread across the living room. Henry wants what the others have, which is nothing, so he just sits and barks at them. Just like a big brother.

I guess there really are signs of a puppy in the house. I take it all back.

Oh, and I hope that Momma Kim doesn't mind a slight dietary change. Nugget loves what Windy leaves behind...

Pictures tomorrow after crown removal.


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Kira said...

I hope you mean carrot pieces undigested! :)