Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Life can be such a tug of war

The first new leg is due for delivery on Friday. I found out today. It must be paid for on delivery. The money has to come from Hawaii. Somehow I don't think this will happen that quickly, yet I am thinking they want this on the books in April. Ah the games we play. So the plan, at this point, is to try to get the running leg through insurance so I just have the co-pay to worry about. The bad news is that the insurance company is totally clueless. They say "no need for pre-approval," but aren't understanding that there are TWO legs we are talking about. I, of course, say that we should take them at their word and go for it. However, I would not be the one burned if they suddenly put two and two together and come up with a "wait just a minute here." So for now we are finishing up the one. The second will be easy as we will use the same mold and just add the special foot. Once approval is real it will only take a few days to get it all together and built. The rotten thing is that I will then have to go back to Dad's estate and recollect, and I was hoping to grovel only once. I hate money stuff.

So I will soon have a leg to stand on. I can still run on this one enough to take the classes I need for the Danskin. And I will be back to work out mode as soon as the blister behind my knee is completely healed up. All things are falling into place, just not quite the way I had hoped. Then again, nothing is ever as easy as it seems it should be.

My straw bales are cooking and I should be planting my salad bar in them the end of next week. My apple trees are in bloom and my Asian Pear is done blooming. The raspberries look like it will be a bumper crop as do the blueberries. I need to get at least two of the garden boxes cleaned and planted with the things I don't want in the straw bales. I also need to get my new strawberries into the ground, which needs some new mulch added first.

There is much to do, and mostly I sit around staring at the puppy and dreaming of things to come. It's all good; it's my life.


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Shep said...

Wow, he's growing fast! I still think he's handsome, handsome, handsome!

It's funny, I was out planting flowers this week and currying mounds of hair off the horses. It's been an odd chunk of spring, hasn't it? Today was apparently a cross between a monsoon and a gorgeous day. ;)