Sunday, April 11, 2010

A new week to begin

The sun is shining and the news coming down the line from Centrailia is awesome. (Huge congrats on Ana the wonder dog with the question mark on her side.) The Cardigan National Specialty is going on back east and I really am hoping to attend next year as it comes west to Texas. However, I want another dog to show. A puppy. Arghhh!! Of course Kate will be shown, but I dream of another. It has been in the plans for a couple of years, but the idea of having another at the specialty is hard to get around. I will work through this. I must work through this. Kate, however, simply thinks "Puppies? Did someone say puppies?"

Tomorrow I pick up the first test leg. That is a very good thing as I am not sure that this one will even get to the shop intact. I may use duct tape in the morning to hold it on. I have made the decision on the tattoo for the running leg, but only one person knows about it, and she had better keep quiet or I may have to debark her along with Henry. It will be soooo me. A bit twisted. (Nope, not a skull with flaming eyes, but every bit as good.) The rest of the week is full, with something on the calendar each day. There will still be plenty of time for the treadmill and the hiking trails; I will MAKE the time. I feel like twenty pounds have jumped on my body in the past week. I really don't do idle, and have been forced into it. I am angry, and I am sad. The inability to be active only exacerbated the depression I was feeling over the past week. It is past now, and I look forward to the next step. snicker

I will, however, miss this. It will serve another purpose, which will also be disclosed at another time.

Until then, my friends and family, have a great week.


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