Friday, May 21, 2010

But I WANT it!

It's about that time. No, it is about PAST that time. I really need a decent camera. No, I need a good camera. I have a decent camera. It works fine for snappy shot type pictures, but I want better. Until I moved here I had the SLR and multiple lenses thing going on. I left them behind. I am not sure why, but I did. I get a bit of solace in the fact that it was a 35mm film camera, but that camera was my constant companion when I taught childbirth classes all those years ago. I took hundreds of pictures with it, and many were quite nice, thank you very much. I remember when the camera was purchased (the second SLR) it seemed like it was six months pay to get it. (I said it SEEMED like it). Now that same camera can probably be had for a few bucks on CraigsList. Knowing that background, why then does the idea of having to learn the digital version seem so daunting?? I suspect it is one of my ways of trying to convince myself that I really don't need it. But I do. All too often I want to pitch my camera into the woods as that perfect picture of the peanut is lost to the lapse time between when I push the shutter button and when the camera actually takes the picture. It is difficult to tell the puppy "just wait a few seconds with that goofy look on your face; wait, wait, wait, oh maaaan, you moved!" You would not believe the number of blurred tail shots that get sent to the little garbage can in cyberspace. The camera elves are getting a good chuckle each time I push the shutter down; I can almost hear them laughing at me. (You know they ride on Pembroke Corgis, don't you? Yes, look it up, they do. Oh wait, that is fairies that ride on Pembroke Corgis, never mind.)

Anyway, I am officially beginning my research of cameras. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

On to other things.

The leg. I think I will be bringing it home today. I was supposed to take delivery on Wednesday but it had a leak in the suction system. He thinks he found it and took care of it. I hope so, as I have just a month before the Mary Meyers Tri with my son. My first. His first. Our chance to cross that finish line together. I get a rush just thinking about it...but I must train, and that is difficult without a leg to stand on. Or run on. I found an artist to do my artwork for the blade. He is very excited about it and seems to appreciate my warped sense of humor. I suspect that tattoo artists get all kinds of weird requests, so at first he just pretended to take it all in stride. Once we talked he really started figuring out that I was serious and got into it; offering to do the artwork for free. I refused. He is an artist and should be compensated for his time. I have saved my pennies for this and it is available. Now the guy is really psyched and is making all kinds of contacts and arrangements to see that everything comes together as it should. Hopefully I can arrange a meeting this weekend to get the ball rolling. It won't be the same as having my son's artwork, but his work and school schedule just doesn't give him the time needed and I want this done by the first race. Of course the artwork will make me run so very much faster. Yep, no doubt about it.

Word came down the pike yesterday that daughter had won a prosthetics cover for me. We are talking a bag that a person wears over a cast, or prosthesis, that allows one to swim, wade, fish, etc. She had to write why she should be the one chosen. And she won. Yes, I am humiliated by my own daughter. She spoke the truth when she said that she thought it would be easier for me to use my pool slide. And all this time I thought it was ingenious that I figured a way to get up those fifteen stories to the top of the slide, put the leg into a garbage bag with a rope attached, swing it juuuust right so I could carefully lay it down at the edge of the pool, slide down and then swim to the edge, hoist myself out onto the sharp pebbled deck, put on leg, at the chair that has been left in just the right spot, and repeat. A couple of trips up and down the slide and the sun has set; I can have the skeeters fly that baby down to the deck. It will be interesting to see how this thing really works, which won't happen until I get her the measurements so she can get them to the company. Then again, the pool is still a frog pond at this point. sigh.

The pupster is getting nubs for teeth. He looks like the first grader with new teeth. Ones that seem way too big for their faces. Big front teeth and little sharp daggers as canines. I suspect if I were to brush Kate's tail I would fine a few teeth embedded in the hair. Nugget tends to ride Kate's wave. Literally. As she is running full speed in the field he gets just close enough to grab her tail and hangs on for the ride. It would be funnier if I didn't worry that he was teaching her to lift her tail up to try to avoid being caught. There are way too many Cardigan Corgis with spitzy tails. Kate is not one of them....yet. I think she looks at Henry's nub and lusts after it. I keep telling her that she can tell the pup to back off, but she won't do it. At least not yet. Soon he will be bigger than her and it might be too late. It is a good thing he is so darned cute. With 4x4s for legs, satellite dishes for ears, and the dough eyes, perhaps Kate feels sorry for him. Me? I think he is almost perfect. However, I am not sure how well everything will go together come July and his first show. At this point I am just hoping that his ears are finally up without help from tape. The endless task of taping has this pup run for cover when he hears the tape pull from the roll. He is getting so big that he can no longer eat in his small crate if his ears are taped. Poor baby.

Another week has come and gone. Another month has about come and gone. How is this possible? What have I done? Where is my head? At least I know where one of my legs is, and I hope it will be attached to my body this afternoon. Wouldn't it be nice to have a good camera so I can get some pictures? I do think, however, that I can get some decent snaps of it with the old camera. Chances are it will "wait." I do need to come up with a name for this one, me thinks...



Kim said...

Shea BUTTer just had a bath and a million pictures and all looked like chicken crap...

She is SOO damn beautiful and then you take a picture and the evil fairies compact her to a turtle with glowing eyeballs.

I have a thing for glowing eyeballs lately.

2Grandmas2 said...

Peanut BUTTer is the same; he gets a bath tonight. Glowing eyeballs, eh? With fire??