Monday, May 24, 2010

Of pumps

Both anatomical and mechanical, that is.

First the good. The pool pump is in and running, finally. The frogs and salamanders are dying as I type, as the green water has been shocked BIG time. It will probably take the week to get the pool cleaned out and the solar blanket on. Rain or shine it will get done. I so dreaded installing the pump as I feared it would leak even though I so carefully changed the seals. Now I want to sing "I am woman, hear me roar...I can do anything..." NO LEAKS. It took less than 30 minutes, probably because I took it apart so much last year trying to seal up the bloody leak. I wish I had done it a month ago as I had promised myself I would. So it goes.

Now the bad. Both big dogs have had issues with their gut pumps. My house stinks. I will be heading out in a bit for another jug of Nature's Miracle. So far the puppy is fine. I suspect the turkey necks didn't agree with them. That is the only thing that they had that the puppy did not get, and their guts began the purge in the middle of the night Saturday. They were given the necks on Saturday late morning. I have to replenish my stash of Immodium and Pepto. It has worked to the point where it is easier to clean up. I wish it was just a matter of changing the seals to plug these leaks.

Then there is the fact that I am pumped. I ran my first "race" this past weekend. It was a short one mile fun run, which made it perfect for testing the new leg. Tomorrow I have an early morning appointment to take care of a few minor details. It was amazing. I am terribly out of shape, but that will come, I hope. In two weeks training officially begins for the Triathlon season. (Add dog shows to the mix and you see why I must get the pool done this week.)

So I am off to Petco for a jug of enzymes for the carpet. To Home Depot for a gasket to replace the one I bought to replace the one that my toilet needs. (A Kate casualty on a counter surfing incident a while back.) To Wallymart to replenish the medicine cabinet. Then home to spend some quality table time with the Peanut.

I am definitely re-tired. Well, I am tired, anyway. I do look forward to the day this poor carpet can go into the dumpster and be replaced with laminate. It sure would be easier...


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