Sunday, May 16, 2010

This and that

Yesterday I had a bike clinic. I failed miserably. I have had my bike in the house on a trainer. Piece of cake to ride for miles...with it locked in a tight, upright, position. I learned a lot, besides the fact that I suck at biking. First, my seat was too high. I had thought that anyway, but "noooo" says son. "It is just right." Yeah, just right. Tell that to my bruise where bruises are not meant to be! Then the toe basket/strap thingies. Oh yeah, they will be great. NOT! What I learned? Besides that I am a terrible bike rider? I absolutely must start with prosthesis side up. Duh! I can't feel when I am on the pedal. If I start on the pedal it is a no brainer, eh? I got better as the clinic progressed and I made a few minor modifications. I will be able to do what I need to do for triathlons. There are NO STP rides in my future, however, and I find it much less enjoyable than riding with "a twist of my wrist." I came home and took the toe cages off the pedals. (They were pretty scuffed up from dragging upside down on the turns.) Eventually I may go to a clip on pedal on the long side. Perhaps. Maybe. it will get better as I ride more and get more confident. No more driving to the ferry unless I have the dogs along or plan to drive on. If I can't bear to get on the bike I will be walking or running. Period.

Then the dogs. The peanut has been losing teeth like crazy. They hurt when stepped on. He is growing up way too fast. Nugget and Henry have become good buddies, although it sounds like Henry wants to kill him most of the time.

Kate found a perch that allows her the perfect view, but out of the way. This crate is HUGE! It's 42" long/wide, 30" tall, and 28" wide/long. (OK, so I use the door on what would be the side and call it the front!) I had a funny feeling that some girl dog might try to get up there so put a plank on it. After I caught her up there I also moved chairs closer to it so she wouldn't try to dive off.

My house looks like it has been invaded by toddlers. As soon as I get some things put away the pup starts working on things that he shouldn't have. I now start out the day with just a couple of toys and add as he gets bored. This was taken mid day, so you can imagine how my evening is spent. This chore, however, requires the four leggeds to be out in the pen or in the big crate.

Tomorrow begins another week. I am still working on Nugget and the toenail grinder. At two nails a day, we will never be done. But he will be used to it, or a blithering mess.


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Steelcyclist said...

Excellent idea with the toenail grinding. You've got patience I see...