Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Coedwig's Alchemist

(aka Nugget) will be six months old on Friday. His first show is Saturday. He is at the age where he is driving me crazy because he is so busy, yet so adorable that I can't be mad at him. He's got these eyes that can bore into my soul. He knows it. He can be perfect on the leash, or he can act like he is being tortured. Which will he be on Saturday? I can assuredly say that Nugget will act in whatever way best suits Nugget. My job is to let him have fun, with a tad bit of restraint. Tonight is our handling class and tomorrow the grooming will begin.

When I got Kate and began showing her, she was 18 months old. She had to be in the adult classes even though she had never been off the farm. A lot was expected just because she was a big dog. She was a scared little puppy in a big girl body. She had to act like all the others in her age group, and so did I. We've both learned a lot.

With Nugget he will start in the youngest age division, and will get his feet damp instead of having to just jump into the ocean with the big boys. I think it will be fun. Since he is going through some interesting growth phases right now I am not expecting a lot as far as standings. It's all good so long as he has fun. If nothing else that will be achieved by the Cardigan after party where he can play with his sisters and cousins. The reward will be seeing the joy in his eyes...and having him sleep all the way home!!


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Léo said...

Looking forward to seeing you both this weekend! Win or lose our group always has a blast!!