Sunday, July 25, 2010


Friday night the three dogs and I took off for a two hour drive down to my sister's place. It was warm, and I remembered thinking a quick swim would have been nice, but there is nothing quick about a swim if the cover is involved as I haven't yet cut it to size.

Off we went. Henry is shedding, so there is hair everywhere. Corgis are big little dogs and I have a small pickup truck. No extended cab. I was concerned that it might get too hot in the back, so we were all crammed in the cab. Henry stepped on the other two dogs the entire way; they were trying hard to just nap. As we turned down the road to her house the cab erupts in wild panting fury. They KNOW where we are going. Nope, no class. Nope, not the vet. We are going to the farm!!!! Lucky for me there is a campfire cookout going on in the front as it means I don't have to get out and open the gate, drive through and close the gate...all before letting my dogs out of the truck. By now they are literally bouncing off the windows. Once the door is opened they are out and gone. Running crazy around the yard, tongues wagging in the wind. They are bowling over kids and dogs. They are insanely happy. It is nice.

The next morning we headed for Portland to attend the dog show. Kate and Henry will be minding the farm securely locked in a stall in the barn. It is to be a hot one and the sun shines directly onto the kennel in the afternoon so the cement, and rubber matted, stall floor seemed the best option. Nugget will be going along. It was hot. It was huge. It was totally sensory overload for me. There were more rings than I had ever seen at a show. There were two small pens with wood chips in which the dogs could relieve themselves. My puppy decided he needed to "hold" it. The entire day. On the way home we stopped at a rest stop. He uncorked. Poor baby. Anyway, Mr. Nugget got to see his grand people and it was a sweet reunion. He is a sweet and gentle puppy. Nugget loves everyone, and gives nice little kisses. Then he saw his favorite man. When he realized who it was he went crazy. He jumped and climbed and kissed and repeated it again and again. I am sure had he been free of the leash I would have seen a happy frap that would have gone on for quite a while. I knew he missed Leo, but had no idea how much he had really bonded with him.

It was nice to just watch a show, but I was itching to be in there. Kate could have done quite well. (OK, Kate could have taken her class.) The Bred By Exhibitor was the big class with the amazing dogs. That is truly "the" class anymore. Will I ever have a dog in there? 'Tis hard to say, and not in the works at this point. As I have said many times, it is by far my favorite to watch. The pride is palpable; as well it should be. And the points went to: Miss Kitty. Nugget's breeder finished her little girl at seven months of age! Impressive! Today I am sending winning vibes to Mark in hopes that Ana banana gets a major. Or maybe Le'o; another major on Rogue would be awesome. Then again, Callie is certainly more than deserving....

I'm off to vacuum the truck, three times, and clean windows. Life with the hoard. Sweet!!

***and it just got sweeter...Gooooo, Shea butter****


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