Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pre-show stressor

My pup is limping. It is likely nothing; or at least nothing more than can't be fixed by crate rest and baby aspirin (says my mentor). The issue is the upcoming weekend shows. Normally I would spend a few hours in class. And I would spend a few hours practicing. And, with him, at least a couple hours on the grooming table. Instead he is on strict rest...yeah, try that with a six month old pup. Right now he is smiling coyly at me with his shoe on his nose. (It's true, I gave up and gave him an old shoe; he loves it and has never tried to take any of my shoes, so there ya go!) The horse is mad at me and tried to hit me with her grain bucket this morning as I had the nerve to feed her without the doggies in tow. The older dogs are begging the pup to run in a wild frap around the couch; perhaps it is more that they are taunting him.

Me? I hate when something is wrong with any of my critters...two legged and four. I don't mind throwing away the entry fees. I just really want to put this guy in the ring.

For now I will just go out and sit at the pool, or in the pool. And dream of what, hopefully, is to come.



Kim said...

He'll be fine... Shea was actually doing the same thing yesterday... and then it went away...

Kim said...

and it happened to Mirage ALL THE TIME... she slept with her paws under her and her feet would fall asleep.

Léo said...

They do keep finding ways to make us worry don't they? Karma caught her toe in her crate and limped for a week. All better now.
Here's hoping Nugget's issue resolves ASAP.

Shep said...

Poor little Nugget!

Simon did the same thing sometimes too! He'd just play too hard one day and be a little sore the next and he'd work out the kinks in a day and be back to his chirpy annoying self! ;)

He'll be okay. <3 And we'll hope we'll see you at the show! :)