Friday, July 9, 2010

I love you too

but what do you REALLY want?

A mother's worst nightmare is that something is wrong with her child. An amputee mother's worst nighmare is that there is something wrong with her child that might have them joing "the club." I faced that fear years ago when a tumor was found in my oldest son's leg. (It was benign and he is fine and both sides reach the ground.) Lately there has been some fear about my daughter and a strange lump on her right foot. Xrays and scans later it appears to NOT be a bone issue, but they have yet to find a diagnosis. So I have been spending a lot of time watching kids in waiting rooms as of late.

Yesterday we met at the little coffee shop by the ferry landing before heading to the specialist for the results of the bone scan. It was hot, and forecasted to be a record breaker, in the mid nineties. The shop was cool so we sat and talked and played with the kids as we watched the ferry and pedestrian traffic.

Little "Plum" is at the adorable age of big sloppy kisses. She began to give her mother lots of them. But in her eyes was the true reason for those kisses...

Perhaps a handful of hair and nose will better get the point across!

So Grandma gave her the next best thing. Ice!

It was interesting. At one point a group of bicyclists came in. They were dressed in team jerseys, bike shorts, and their helmets. The wee one was sure one of them had to be her Daddy and was having a tough time trying to see them up closer and more personal. Shortly after a young, carefree, "duuuuude" also came in. He in his baggy pants; you know the kind, those kind that make stepping onto a curb difficult. Those kind that I have the urge to pull the rest of the way down. A study in contrast. I looked at daughter, she at me. We both were thinking the same thing. (There is something about an athlete's, uhmmm, legs. Yes, legs.)

I decided to snap a picture of Plum's big sister...and there we see normal average blue jean guy.

Up next? An MRI if things don't resolve in the next two weeks. I wonder if there might be a coffee shop near a rodeo arena...


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Anonymous said...

What a good grab on mommy. 3 point submission. I say she'll make a fine lady wrestler. -S