Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"Well I wouldn't trade my life for diamonds or jewels..."

I promised pictures from the farm, so here you go!

I was up at my regular time: the crack of dawn. As I wandered around the farm the sun began to rise. There was a mist across the fields and the big horses and sheep alerted; likely wondering what the heck I was doing up so early.

I also noticed gigantic trails all over the wet grass. Around here I would think some gigantic slug was searching for vengenance for the salting of his family. What I found was the trails were from my stumpy slug eaters.

We decided the safest bet, rather than trying to brave the dogs across the street, was to spend some time in the driving/training area. The dogs went crazy doing a typical morning frap.

When I started to throw the balls I found that Nugget has resorted back to his naughty habbit of snaring Kate as she runs by. Luckily he no longer has sharp little puppy teeth, but I need to continue putting stuff on her tail to break the habit completely before he hurts her.

Farm life is bliss!!

As big bro stands watch. (By now the neighbor dogs were pacing the fence and barking. Henry was very quiet.)

Then I looked up and saw the incredible front on my boy...just like his Dad.

Song of the day?

"Thank God I'm a Country... uhhhh... Girl(?)" John Denver

...I never was one of them money hungry fools
I'd rather have my fiddle and my farmin' tools
Thank God I'm a country boy


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