Sunday, October 31, 2010

In an effort

to have more money for showing the Nugget (and pay the bills) I decided that there needed to be some changes. I have been grumbling about Century Tel since I moved here. As the bill has steadily gone up, the service has gone down, as has the reliability of said services. Lately I have been accessing the internet by way of a line strung from one end of the house to the other. Then the modem began to give out. When I last called they informed me that there was now a monthly charge on the modems, but they would be delighted to send one out, which would require a one time fee as well. So I have been researching options and pricing. My house phone has been turned off for the last week due to political telemarketers. I haven't missed it.

Today I took down the phone line strung across the house. No more need to hire an electrician, yet again, to restring phone cable under the house at another $200. (Only the jack in the bedroom is functional now). The DSL box is out of the system and I have a lot less cables tangling themselves behind the desk. The wireless router? Yep, it, and its "signal enhancer" are both unplugged and piled on the table awaiting their final fate. (Anyone need them?) The Dishnetwork folks have been called and my account has been pulled from the phone company bundle. Tomorrow I call the phone company. If they offer me a super cheap, super nothing special phone line I may spring for it so that I don't have to give out my cell number. (But it will have to be REALLY cheap.)

Oh, if you are wondering...

The wireless card from the cell company: starts at $190.00 plus a 2 year contract and upgrades to cell plan. Ends up costing more than my current bundle.

Cable: $100/month for a year, then up to $160 for what I now have and am paying $146 for.

Clear Wire: Modem for the PC and card for the laptop $60/month. Equipment is free.
DishNetwork: $60/month for what I have, but I am going to get a "deal" for a year as I offered to move to Directv.

So, as I was told (thanks, Mark), they are all pretty close in price, but I did break away from repairs and modem fees and am still over $20/month less. Not quite one class for the Nugget pup, but it was fun and I have fast and reliable internet running on both the PC and the laptop and can take the laptop anywhere and it will be free. (Pending signal, of course.)

So I can now begin the process required to get the house painted. I have the paint, but that darn wire strung around was driving me crazy. Then I will dream of the day I can pull this carpet out. One small thing at a time, but it is progress, and that makes me very happy.

Another thing that makes me happy:

Friends finding friends who end up connecting and getting a great dog. Congrats to Cotton on her new life; to Sandy and Bruce on their new companion; to Creel on his new sister that will likely drive him crazy; and to Kim and Mark for finding another perfect home for a bouncing pup. It will be great fun to read about the adventures that unfold, and see the pictures, as the family of two and four legged critters begin their journey to retirement and beyond. (It will also be an excuse for us to make a trip to New Mexico; doesn't a good breeder do occasional checks to see that all is well? and doesn't the breeder need a buddy to tag along?)

So, it was a great weekend...and I haven't even spoken of the wonderful time with two little blond girls and our early thanksgiving dinner. Perhaps tomorrow. I am plum tuckered out from all the smiling.



Lorrene said...

Why does life need to be so complicated and expensive. I just went through an ordeal with my cable company. There is no way you can cut back on something. They always find a way to add it on someplace. Like cutting off one end of the blanket and sewing it to the other end. It all comes out the same.

Kira said...

Sometimes it's worth it to "trim the fat" from the budget, it allows you to eat that chocolate even though no fat was really trimmed! :)

Léo said...

We gave up cable/satellite. We catch up on shows we like via streaming video and Netflix.

Still we are constantly working out how to pay for this or that.