Monday, January 3, 2011

Dear Dad.

On the eve of what would be your 88th birthday, I thought I would pause, wish you a great birthday, and fill you in on what has been happening since you left us on October 6, 2006.

Life just keeps getting better. You raised us to be strong and independent. I think I am finally there. I hope you would be proud. I have a circle of strong friends that keep me laughing. My family is doing great. The kids are all doing well, and raising their families to be strong caring people. They are, of course, the smartest kids, grand kids, and for you, great grand kids, on the face of the earth. Bar none.

I refuse to be held back by any limitations; thank you for teaching me that lesson. I had no idea how important it was to become. Little did you know that you would gift me a running leg after your passing. It has been a constant inspiration that has helped to keep me on track...literally.

My passion for dogs, that I have had since I was a tot, has finally found a direction. Little stumpy dogs from Wales seem to rule my thoughts and world right now. I know, not Scottish, but I am sure you would forgive me that, had you had a chance to meet these guys. They share a strong work ethic with you, and a very similar sense of humor. Thank goodness they cannot speak "human" or they would likely be able to pun with the best. And no, I still haven't developed a love, nor even a like, of puns. It probably will never happen; that can always be your's. In fact, feel free to take it with you...please!

You taught me to not get hung up on the sadness and trials of life. I have taken that to heart. There is so much beauty in this wonderful world. I don't feel the need, nor desire, to dwell on any thing else. It is sad to see the misery that folks bring upon themselves when they cannot see beyond their trials. I have always said that I want to go out with a smile on my face; heck no. I want to go out laughing. I am sorry I couldn't help you go out laughing, but it was nice to see you smiling, and to see the happiness on your face as you listened to your favorite music and reached out to dance with Mom. I feel honored to have been able to share that with you, and with Mom.

Please give Mom my love. It is weird to think that in two weeks I will be the age she was when she left us. I am sure you are enjoying watching us bumble through this life, and I am pretty sure I am doing you proud. (If not, keep it to yourself, OK?)

I really miss you and Mom, but feel your presence each and every day. Thanks for giving me the gifts that I am just now beginning to understand.

I love you, Dad. Happy, Happy Birthday.



Kira said...

Well put ma, made me cry and smile at the same time. I know that if they have baseball caps in heaven that he has one just like the one he left here "world's greatest great grandpa"! Happy Birthday Grandpa, miss you but know you are with me always!

Traci said...

This post touched me so deeply... words can't express. What a great note to your dad, and I'm SURE he's proud of the incredibly strong woman his daughter has become.
I SO look forward to finally meeting you in person this month!

Anonymous said...

Always great to start the day with tears in your eyes. A very nice tribute and like usual very eloquently written. I am sure he is proud of you, who couldn't be. You are an amazingly strong women who I admire. Take care and see you shortly.

Sandy ~~~ said...

Nancy...I smiled when I read this because you shared it with me.