Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Nugget

One year ago today a stunning litter whelped in Happy Valley. I was going to let yesterday's post suffice, but I couldn't stop myself this morning. So, I will just do a quick Happy, Happy, Day to my three favorite new one year olds:

Coedwig's Alchemist, AKA Nuggett

Coedwig's Sensation, AKA Shea

Coedwig's Blue Dahlia, AKA Flower

What a great year it has been. I look forward to the future!



Léo said...

A very happy birthday to a very handsome bunch of kids!

Alta said...

Once again happy barkay Nugget. We got to meet you litter brother, Sully. He looks just like you minus the brown spots. Goofy and cute like you too. He just needs a little training and he'll be a good dog like you.We are transporting him from Puyllaup to Grandma Kim's house. Little guy got returned in his birthday. Kinda sad but kinda good too. He'll get a fresh start for his birthday present.

Sandy ~~~ said...

Happy B-day dude. You rock,

Kinda hugs, not real huggy hugs,

Flat Dog (aka "Creel")