Sunday, January 9, 2011


Henry is the Pembroke pup that I nabbed at 5 weeks (over three years ago). He is the result of puppy mill breeding and constant backyard breeding. Every six months there were two litters, and one mother nursing the pups. He was put in a chicken wire cage and a bag of Ol'Roy dog food was opened on the ground (outside the cage; they had to make a hole to get at it)to share. When left, at 4 weeks, in the hands of teenage boys to feed AC was called and I brought Henry home. His "papers" were CKC, and that is NOT the Canadian Kennel Club. I didn't bother, but instead got him an AKC ILP number...not sure if it is still called that. That allows him to compete in Performance type events. He is neutered, of course, and very driven. He has a few weird quirks. His extreme happiness has made me really scratch my head about how to keep him from greeting everyone by planting his front feet on their thighs. He also goes ballistic when I trim his toenails, but does submit to have his muzzle put on. He also gets frantic if he feels trapped. I suspect the chicken wire cage may have something to do with that, but will never know.

I did a bit of pre-agility with Henry, the long legged. He loves it, but I am a total klutz. I will take him out for herding testing, and it will be interesting to see if he shines. He learned very quickly to get between the fence and the ball when we are out in the field. He is a wonderful retriever, but does throw the ball back rather than bringing it and nicely handing it to me. As is typical of the breed, Henry is the life of the party.

I am not sure that I am giving Henry everything that he wants and needs, and it makes me sad. I think he needs more one on one time, and more training time...neither of which I can do right now. He gets along great with the two tailed dogs, and every other dog he has ever been with, but is looking less and less pleased.

I think at some point I will need to look into other options for Henry. For now, he rests quietly at my side. Oblivious. That is a good thing.


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Sandy ~~~ said...

Hmmmm...getting along great with the other dogs and resting quietly at your side are both good qualities. Sometimes it's all a dog asks for in life.