Friday, January 21, 2011

The "new" dog

No, not this one:

This one!!

Kate. The new and, uh, improved version. Oh my!

Let's see. This morning I have removed her from the window sill three times. She just stands there and grins at me. Sometimes she will "woof" when she thinks she is smart, but she is really naughty. She is becoming adept at standing, and walking, on her hind legs. That puts her close (enough) to counter height. Raspy voiced Henry has taken on the role of fun police. I think the alert is more the idea that Kate might get something that Henry wants, but there is an almost constant raspy bark sounding the past few days. I have had to put planks on top of the living room crates. That is how she gets on the window sills. She goes from the chair, to the grooming table, to a crate, to the window sill (and now back to the crate, to a chair, and down). Then she won't go back on the crate as she can't see where she is putting her feet as she would be jumping up on to it. I fear she could break a toe, or worse. So now she is delighted as she has a route around the room that the other two have no intention on even trying...for now. That, of course, gets Henry barking. Which makes her smile, woof, jump down, and start at the beginning. If she weren't so darn cute with that stupid grin, giant ears...I might have to kill her!

I have re-fallen in love with her. She is no longer eating books. That helps. She is just a different dog now. Instead of waking me by incessant licking, she nudges and wags her tail. I wake up to her goofy grin. Her housebreaking is still spotty (yeah, literally) so once awake I put on the leg and make a beeline to the door to let her out. On those days I didn't I had a puddle to clean up. However, now I go back to bed. No matter the time. If only for ten minutes. Darned if they get to dictate my REAL up time.

So we begin a new phase in our lives together. Missy "Good" hips and I. With a grin on both of our faces and a positive future, we negotiate the twists and turns...and window sills.


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Sandy ~~~ said...

Missy "Good Hips" was always and she, with the help from some friends (2 and 4 legged)just had to chip away at the exterior til the shining inside came through.