Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sunshine, palm trees and heavy metals

After three days of driving, way too much eating, a few not so nice words and gestures to drivers who don't know the definition of "merge" nor the fact that a big red truck can easily crush the "vaazz" in a VW bug, we made it to San Bernardino. (I still cannot believe that we drove here, 14 miles per gallon, 1400 miles, to show off our wonder dogs to judges that will, hopefully, overlook the fact that they are not striped. Did I just say that?)
So, I planned, I made lists, and I checked and double checked everything that was packed. I knew that something would be left behind, but all seemed in perfect order all the way down. Until we pulled into the parking lot here, and I began to unpack. My show clothes that I had carefully put in a garment bag and hung behind the driver's seat in my truck are still sitting in said garment bag in the aforementioned spot, in my truck, in Auburn. Understand that I detest shopping. I need to be able to run in, buy, and run out. All before the gauges on the truck have settled into their resting places. Now I get to go shopping in a strange place, with strange people, looking for dress up clothes, and I hate dressing up even more than shopping! I remember ever so carefully taking my shoes from the suitcase and zip them into the garment bag as it made so much more sense to have all those nice clothes together. Yep, I need to get shoes too. sigh.

Anyway, three tired dogs are resting near. We just did a small three mile hike in the sunshine. It was fantastic to get out and move. There is a bike trail right next to the motel, along the flood control reservoir. I want one next to my house. When I order it I will also be ordering this weather...

Let it now be known that my kennel name is "Galena." Look it up and you will find it is the primary ore mineral of lead. I wanted to somehow include Nugget in the name, and this adds the interesting twist of my second passion that has me trying to "get the lead out." So there you be. Nothing with seventeen vowels and consonants all strung together that I have to explain and pronounce. Simple, and quite pleasing to say. "Galena Cardigans."

With that said, I am going to enjoy a few quiet minutes before I have to smile and pretend to enjoy mingling with folks I don't know. Party pooper? Probably.

The sun; it is very nice. The palm trees serve to remind me that I am no longer in Washington, Toto. And the icing on the cake: a kennel name! This will be a nice weekend.



Sandy ~~~ said...

I like Galena and I have always thought it was a really pretty mineral. Thank you for something we can pronounce and without the short novel length explanation of what it means. Good job on that! It will give you more letters to splurge on registered doggie names too. That is why I am Windfall. Anything that has that name --- is one.

Yikes on the fuel costs. Boo on the show clothes. Glad Nugget is there with you!

Have fun! Don't worry 'bout those striped dogs. They haven't seen purdy yet ... til now.

2Grandmas2 said...

I like Galena! In fact, I have some very nice pieces :)

You and your new clothes are going to blow the competition away!


Shep said...

As someone who totally blew it when she went for a Journalism major instead of a geology one... I LOVE it. Easy to stay, elegant. Ties in wonderfully with your theme. :)

It's funny, mine's Stonelight, which it has been for 15 years, since the cats... so... I appreciate anything with mineral content! ;)

Now, I do like a nice striped dog though, but... you'll forgive me for that. Good luck on the show clothes, go kick some tail!

Alta said...

Forgetting the clothes totally sucks. Hope you cam find something that works for this instant and future shows. Best of luck.

I like the name. Sounds exotic and fun.

Best of luck down there in the land of the sun.

Traci said...

Galena is cool... it's actually in my pedigree! ;-) One of the many morph's my last name made over the years... :)
It was great seeing you in CA, Nancy... :)