Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Thanks, Kira, for taking these wonderful pictures of my grand kids today. Their muddy little mugs bring the smiles back.

In preschool the kids decided it was Lilly's birthday and they made her a mud cake to celebrate.

I'm hoping Lilly didn't try to eat it!

Sister Schyler and cousin Mimi look as though that might have been the plan...

It appears that even the plumber was gathering the ingredients for the "cake."

Great sadness on this day. Sometimes things happen that rattle me to the core. While I know that there must be reasons for all things sad and bad, cancer really can be confusing. Dear Sarah. I hope that you can catch a break this time. 28 years is much too young to have to deal with your own demise. I will be walking for you; I love you.

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