Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday, and another week has gone by

This has to be my all time favorite Halloween costume. The adorable boy is my good friend's grandson. (I hope I am not doing anything wrong by posting was posted on "Mom's" blog.) Talk about creative. My friend obviously passed along her creativity to her daughter, where I just keep trying to get some of my daughter's good juju.
Every time I look at this picture I smile, then wonder how they got him to keep the glasses on... What a cutie.

I won't even go to the old "___ more days until Christmas" thing. I have gotten to the point where I buy things the last few months of the year and as it gets close I take a general tally, make sure it is somewhat close in numbers for the grandkids, then call it quits. Much less stress, and the kids don't need a bunch of stuff anyway. That's what Mom and Dad are for. (Hi, Kira)

Trying to get Christmas lists are very entertaining. Two grandkids have no TV and one does. The one who does makes a huge list that is very specific. Easy to shop for. The other two give lists that are much more general: "stickers, art projects, princesses..." While one would think that would be an easy task to take on, it really isn't. It means this grandma needs to be creative. I am NOT creative; that is what my daughter is for. (Hi, Kira)

However, I AM creative with the animals. I have figured out my present to my three furry kids. I am putting a tether ball set out in the pasture. I have bought the pole and cement and hope to dig the hole today (if'n I can find the post hole diggers) and will do the bag of cement after the horse is put in tonight. (She is such a pest, and I know I would see the post leaning, and cement setting, at a severe angle if she was out. I know that all three critters will enjoy batting the ball around. I will try to get a video once it is done.

Today is pay bills and go to Costco day. While I dread both, I enjoy the feeling when it is done. Now that gas is under $2 I can even justify going twice if I can't stand the crowds or forget something. Baking time is coming up. While I could happily do without, my daughter cannot. We have invited Sarah to join in as well; it is good to have plates of sweets to give away, I must admit. Poor Kira has so many people that she HAS to give gifts to. I am glad that my family has decided that gifts are for the grandkids only. It really takes the pressure off the budget. Hopefully Kira can consider cookies gifts...I really don't know if it counts if you don't spend a certain amount of money. It is such a different way of giving. I feel for her, but better her than me!! I suppose she really could say "no" but doubt she ever will. (Hi, Kira)

I must go now and make a couple of phone calls and get the week in motion. The truck is overdue on its service and I must call Kira and say "hi."

G2 out

Happy Birthday, Mom. I still miss you everyday...

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Colette Kingsley said...

I think Shannon would feel honored that you loved Zac's Halloween costume :) I don't know if I can take credit for her creativity but she does know how to get the most from her money. Times are tough for them right now and she was quite creative with what she already had!
And to answer you question on how she got him to keep the glasses on...
When she first handed the glasses to him he put them on and would not allow anyone to touch them. He spent days with them on and wouldn't take them off :) Its a good thing they didn't have the lenses in them!