Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cash & Treasures

Yesterday I re-watched the Aquamarine episode that was filmed at one of the places we went on the trip. That wonderful accent, the buckets of dirt...I so want to go do it all again. If only we had both been able to go down to the mine. Next time, S2?? I have caught the mining bug. Add to the fact that we learned so much on the other excursions, next time we will make it pay for the trip.

Fall has fell. Now there is no doubt. Raking leaves in both the yard and in the pasture has me a bit stiff and sore this morning. Windy and the dogs played while I raked. The dogs spent most of the time running full speed. Windy was the trouble maker. I would rake a pile and she would scatter it. I finally discovered that she wouldn't hassle with it if I raked everything into the fence. Kate was too busy eating horse poop and chasing Henry to push at the horse, so I think I can relax now about her being in the field. However, she did find a huge rat that I had to nab from her and hurl into the woods. Horse poop mouth I can deal with. Rat? Uh uh, no way. I have figured out the corgi way. If I see one a bit too interested in the dirt, cock their head and begin to lay down I know it is something nasty, and generally something dead. A quick shout usually stops them long enough for me to run (yes, I mean RUN) over and retrieve said object to throw over the fence. It is never pretty; and completely grosses me out. It is interesting how living alone has made me cope. I have conquered some of my biggest fears now. Electrical has become an interesting puzzle that I tackle with a kind of delight. Dead critters are never delightful, but I can stuff the grossness and tackle the problem. It must come with having the pool, and having the horse. I just hope that I never find a clown in the pool or in the pasture. I really think there is no getting over that one, and I have no desire to even try.

Today is Walmart day. Yes, S2, I have a regular Walmart shopping day. It is sad, but so it goes in the quest for keeping on a budget and being on a fixed income. I have found that Tuesday shopping has the shopper population at a minimum. Of course now that the holidays are close that will likely change a bit. Why doesn't everyone shop online? It is quite fun to have the UPS or FedX truck show every few days. I'll admit that I generally check out my ideas at Wally World or the mall first. But is so much quicker to see the items and then leave the store. Very few things have been pricier even with shipping tacked on. Most have had pretty darn good savings.

There is a storm coming in. The air feels different, almost electric. When Henry and I went out to do chores he noticed as did Windy. I think I will get some gas in case the power goes out and I need to use the generator. I haven't bought the transfer switch yet, so won't get the advantage of powering up the entire house, but I can plug in the important things like lights and media. The woodstove takes care of the heat. I hate losing power in the winter when it is dark at 5. Reading books by flashlight doesn't work anymore. I did it all the time in my youth. The eyes just can't do it anymore. No TV, no lights...nothing to do but go to bed. Now I will be able to watch TV or read. Cool!! Thanks Craig's List.

I must gather some wood and get the fire going. The day has officially begun.


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