Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday; day of rest?

Yeah, right. Clocks turned back last night, so now it is dark by 5. I had to be up and dressed by 8, which is doable since it is really 9; this is reminiscent of the trip!! You see, when on the trip the big dog, who was attached to a cable runner that went across the driveway, managed to tangle said cable around my satellite dish and break the doohickey that points at the dish. He also pulled it out of alignment, but I didn't know that. I went out and pieced it all back together and all was fine until it rained. Soooo, I called the Dish folks on Friday and they told me they could come fix it today! Sometime between 8 and noon he would be here. At 8:10, which was really 9:10, the van pulled in and the nice young man went to work. (I sound like an old lady, eh?) By 9 (10) he was finished and out of here, having first appropriately cooed at the Corgwyns.
When I brought home dear Kate I was sent with a sports bag filled with stuff. Included in said stuff was a bag of dog treats. They sit on my desk, which is by the front door, so that I can give treats for properly producing in the proper spot. These treats are in a Ziploc baggie. They are orange, about 3/4" square, with a little pin hole in the center. The other day I was somewhat mindlessly searching the internet for Christmas presents and out of the corner of my eye I see the aforementioned baggie. My brain went into pre-Weight Watcher's mode and thought "Cheezits" and I popped one into my mouth. I think the two dogs were wondering what I was doing eating their treats, and why I made funny sounds and did a little dance as I ate. I know that they appreciated that I shared it with them. I just love my two little dwarf dogs...
The leaves are falling fast now. I must rake the pasture so that the grass will grow back next spring. The yard I just mow and bag, then throw the leaves into the gardens after the mower chops them up. The pasture is so full of rocks that I am a bit afraid to try, but perhaps on the highest wheel setting. I don't mind raking, but the rain is at that never ending phase. Tomorrow, rain or shine the mower will do its job. Only about half are down, but if I wait there will be too many to get with the mower. I will just do it twice. I will move Windy to the dog pen and bring the dogs into the pasture to play whilst I rake. There is so much for them to do: eat horse poo, roll in horse poo, torment neighbor dog by breathing horse poo breath at her...After raking I will be able to see the left over horse poo and get it properly forked into the compost pile. I hope the weather is halfway decent or I will be bathing two dogs.
It's 9pm, which is 10pm, and it is time to bid the computer adieu for now. Do yourselves a favor and remember these couple of things: Don't tie a big dog near a satellite dish, Don't have snacks by the computer, EVER, and remember to keep a sense of humor if you have a combination of dogs and horses...dogs do seem to enjoy giving lots of kisses following a wonderful day out working with Mom.

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