Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday night

and what a week it was!

Sarah is home and starts "natural" chemo next week. I haven't a clue what that is and will get the names of the chemicals to satisfy my curiosity.

The dogs have become best friends and Katelan is now smiling constantly. It is a good thing, because otherwise I might have to kill her. But then I look at this face...

She is just so darn charming and the tail is moving constantly. The other day Henry would NOT stop barking. He was on the chair across the room from me and Kate was at my feet. What I saw when I really watched is that Kate was staring at him. Head on paws and tail ever so slightly wagging. He had a toy and was doing the "Mom, make her stop looking at me" thing. She was laying there as if to say "I'm not doing a thing. I'm just laying here." That long bushy tail gave her away. She also ingested a book I bought (from Amazon, thank goodness) that I planned to get signed by the author. I think I will still send it; he will likely get a kick out of it since it is a dog owners guide. I will just tell him that I haven't yet read the part about chewing.

Y'all have a grand weekend. It goes so fast these days. While I don't need to wait for the weekend to do things, I still find myself doing it. Weird. We become so programmed after years of school and work that when we no longer have to follow the routine we still do. The summer thing I understand; the weather is nice and the days are longer. However, even in the summer there are things that I put off until the weekend. Unless it is shopping. I HATE shopping on the weekends. There are way too many people, and their crazy children, shopping on Saturday. With the holidays coming it will get even crazier. I do most of my Christmas shopping on-line. It is NOT enjoyable to me to go out with the masses. I remember, with great fondness, going shopping with Mom in downtown Seattle. We went to see the Christmas windows. Malls did not exist so we bundled up with gloves, hats and mufflers and went to town. We had warm Karmel Korn to munch as we saw the window decor, which was usually Santa trains and robotic elves. I remember one window had hand prints. When we put our hand on one of the hand prints it would make the train go. There was also Santa. We not only got our picture taken, but also got a vinyl record of our talk with the giant red elf. I wonder what happened to those. I think I will take my dogs to see Santa Paws this year. While it certainly isn't as exciting as my Santa adventures as a kid, it makes me smile. Isn't that what it is really all about?

G2 and the Corgwyns2

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