Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A year in perspective

What a year it has been. As the country weighs the negatives in the past year, I am awash in all the good in the past year. I guess I am one of those "glass half full" people that make you crazy!

1. Remission. A year ago I had just completed my last Remicade infusion. enough said

2. Friendships. Not just any old friendship, but the big forever "sister" kind. With my medical history and my age creeping up, I find my real friends are even dearer.

3. Vacation. This spills into the preceding notation. To explore the deepest of friendships and find that it is, indeed, closer than ever before, following eleven wonderful days on the road. How strange that a simple forgotten tomato can spark events that make me laugh until I cry even today. If only money grew on trees.

4. Family. So much growth and change in my children. Morgan has hit his stride and found his passion. My sister has her own piece of heaven on earth, and is now a grandmother. The grand kids are amazing. (I so miss my Mom right now. "I get it, Mom, I really get it now.")

5. the Corgwyns. Henry still cracks me up with his antics. Kate has my heart. Who can ask for anything more in a couple of dogs? Because Windy is not really sure who, or what, she is, I will add her here. I never thought I would have a horse in the back yard. Apparently she agrees, as she is much more dog like than a horse. She tortures the doggies by interrupting their games. She also mothers them to no end. Yesterday Kate was hassling Henry by constantly pushing him to play. Windy went in and broke it up sending Kate to one side of the field and Henry to the other. After sufficient "time out" she then went to each one and gave a little lip nuzzle. Amazing...

6. Life itself. Again cancer rears its ugly head. The true test of the human spirit. Which way life will go in this case, is in God's hands. Some times we have to give up that control. What a test it is. Every once in a while I have to step back and use my own knowledge of a greater judge.

If ever there was a testimony to the fact that life does indeed go is seeing Mt. Rainier from the crater of Mt. St. Helens.

Song of the day?
The Byrds. "Turn, Turn, Turn"

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