Saturday, November 29, 2008


I am grumpy. Just plain grumpy. I have been getting some minor repairs that have been sitting for months/years done. One would think that would make me happy. But NOOOO. The problem, therefore, must be linked to the computer. If there is anything that sets me off it is computer issues. The desk top is sick. Probably some stupid junk mail that I accidentally opened, but I don't know. What it is doing is not letting me delete things in my "in" box. There are a few junkers in there that I send to the junk file, but they keep reappearing as well. ARGHH!! It might not be so bad if I really needed viagra, but guess what, boys and girls? I don't need it, don't want it, and don't want to keep seeing it every time I access my mail box. AHA, says I, I know what I will do. I will access my mail via the laptop; delete aforementioned mail as well as all the mail I am finished with and can delete into cyberspace. Seemed like a great idea...but I can't get onto the internet. Not even if I plug into the modem and bypass the wireless. I CAN get "limited" internet via wireless. Apparently "limited" means I cannot get into my mail, so that is useless. I need to call pakistan and get it all straightened out with the wireless, but I just can't bear to be asking "pardon me?" over and over, and sitting on the phone for 2 hours minimum. Then there is Century Tel, who handles my DSL, blaming Linksys, who is my router and vice versa. Add another hour at least for that mess. Then there are the dogs. Like any two year old, they bark when I am on the phone. They want something that is buried in the toy box, or, as is the case now, Henry manages to get up on the grooming table and can't get back down. They sense my tension and feed it..."hey Mom, need some help, huh? huh? Can I help? Huh, what ya say? I'll help! No, don't pick her, cuz I want to help and I asked first. Are you listening? Mom? Mom! MOM!!!" and then I must again say, into the phone: "Pardon me? What did you ask? say again? No, I did not tell you to shut up, I was talking to the dog. Yes, indeed I am in Seattle. It is 4pm. It is raining. Oh really? Sunny and warm in Pakistan, eh? What's that? I know, I said eh. No I am not from Canada. it just fits and no other word works. Henry HUSH! No, I had no idea you once knew someone named Henry. I am talking to my dog..." Two hours pass rather, uhm, quickly (not). Then it is the dreaded, "I am going to put you on hold" click, dial tone. Two friggin hours just flushed down the toilet. Perhaps the next person who answers will speak a bit clearer English. Perhaps they will take pity on the poor dumb woman in America who can't get her computer to work right and talks Canadian. The one with the dog that won't shut up. I just know they have me on a "list" and when I call they give me to the new guy. It is an initiation ritual. I bet they even plant the bug in the viagra ad...just so I will help then initiate a new worker. I think I need to go out for a bit before I kill the dogs. I know they are only concerned for my safety, but there is no getting through to Henry that talking on the phone is not hazardous to my health. In about 2 minutes it may be hazardous to HIS.

Au revoir.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A year in perspective

What a year it has been. As the country weighs the negatives in the past year, I am awash in all the good in the past year. I guess I am one of those "glass half full" people that make you crazy!

1. Remission. A year ago I had just completed my last Remicade infusion. enough said

2. Friendships. Not just any old friendship, but the big forever "sister" kind. With my medical history and my age creeping up, I find my real friends are even dearer.

3. Vacation. This spills into the preceding notation. To explore the deepest of friendships and find that it is, indeed, closer than ever before, following eleven wonderful days on the road. How strange that a simple forgotten tomato can spark events that make me laugh until I cry even today. If only money grew on trees.

4. Family. So much growth and change in my children. Morgan has hit his stride and found his passion. My sister has her own piece of heaven on earth, and is now a grandmother. The grand kids are amazing. (I so miss my Mom right now. "I get it, Mom, I really get it now.")

5. the Corgwyns. Henry still cracks me up with his antics. Kate has my heart. Who can ask for anything more in a couple of dogs? Because Windy is not really sure who, or what, she is, I will add her here. I never thought I would have a horse in the back yard. Apparently she agrees, as she is much more dog like than a horse. She tortures the doggies by interrupting their games. She also mothers them to no end. Yesterday Kate was hassling Henry by constantly pushing him to play. Windy went in and broke it up sending Kate to one side of the field and Henry to the other. After sufficient "time out" she then went to each one and gave a little lip nuzzle. Amazing...

6. Life itself. Again cancer rears its ugly head. The true test of the human spirit. Which way life will go in this case, is in God's hands. Some times we have to give up that control. What a test it is. Every once in a while I have to step back and use my own knowledge of a greater judge.

If ever there was a testimony to the fact that life does indeed go is seeing Mt. Rainier from the crater of Mt. St. Helens.

Song of the day?
The Byrds. "Turn, Turn, Turn"

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

As promised...almost

I didn't have the camera on the video setting, but got a few somewhat blurred pictures of the animals first look at their early Christmas present.

Henry could hardly believe what he saw. A ball on a rope. Quite fascinating...

I thought his longer than normal legs would give him the advantage, but Katelan can keep up quite nicely

Henry mid flight

Wait a second...what is that???

She's ruining our game... MOM!!!!
Cool! I wondered what was happening with the cool itching pole.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday, and another week has gone by

This has to be my all time favorite Halloween costume. The adorable boy is my good friend's grandson. (I hope I am not doing anything wrong by posting was posted on "Mom's" blog.) Talk about creative. My friend obviously passed along her creativity to her daughter, where I just keep trying to get some of my daughter's good juju.
Every time I look at this picture I smile, then wonder how they got him to keep the glasses on... What a cutie.

I won't even go to the old "___ more days until Christmas" thing. I have gotten to the point where I buy things the last few months of the year and as it gets close I take a general tally, make sure it is somewhat close in numbers for the grandkids, then call it quits. Much less stress, and the kids don't need a bunch of stuff anyway. That's what Mom and Dad are for. (Hi, Kira)

Trying to get Christmas lists are very entertaining. Two grandkids have no TV and one does. The one who does makes a huge list that is very specific. Easy to shop for. The other two give lists that are much more general: "stickers, art projects, princesses..." While one would think that would be an easy task to take on, it really isn't. It means this grandma needs to be creative. I am NOT creative; that is what my daughter is for. (Hi, Kira)

However, I AM creative with the animals. I have figured out my present to my three furry kids. I am putting a tether ball set out in the pasture. I have bought the pole and cement and hope to dig the hole today (if'n I can find the post hole diggers) and will do the bag of cement after the horse is put in tonight. (She is such a pest, and I know I would see the post leaning, and cement setting, at a severe angle if she was out. I know that all three critters will enjoy batting the ball around. I will try to get a video once it is done.

Today is pay bills and go to Costco day. While I dread both, I enjoy the feeling when it is done. Now that gas is under $2 I can even justify going twice if I can't stand the crowds or forget something. Baking time is coming up. While I could happily do without, my daughter cannot. We have invited Sarah to join in as well; it is good to have plates of sweets to give away, I must admit. Poor Kira has so many people that she HAS to give gifts to. I am glad that my family has decided that gifts are for the grandkids only. It really takes the pressure off the budget. Hopefully Kira can consider cookies gifts...I really don't know if it counts if you don't spend a certain amount of money. It is such a different way of giving. I feel for her, but better her than me!! I suppose she really could say "no" but doubt she ever will. (Hi, Kira)

I must go now and make a couple of phone calls and get the week in motion. The truck is overdue on its service and I must call Kira and say "hi."

G2 out

Happy Birthday, Mom. I still miss you everyday...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cash & Treasures

Yesterday I re-watched the Aquamarine episode that was filmed at one of the places we went on the trip. That wonderful accent, the buckets of dirt...I so want to go do it all again. If only we had both been able to go down to the mine. Next time, S2?? I have caught the mining bug. Add to the fact that we learned so much on the other excursions, next time we will make it pay for the trip.

Fall has fell. Now there is no doubt. Raking leaves in both the yard and in the pasture has me a bit stiff and sore this morning. Windy and the dogs played while I raked. The dogs spent most of the time running full speed. Windy was the trouble maker. I would rake a pile and she would scatter it. I finally discovered that she wouldn't hassle with it if I raked everything into the fence. Kate was too busy eating horse poop and chasing Henry to push at the horse, so I think I can relax now about her being in the field. However, she did find a huge rat that I had to nab from her and hurl into the woods. Horse poop mouth I can deal with. Rat? Uh uh, no way. I have figured out the corgi way. If I see one a bit too interested in the dirt, cock their head and begin to lay down I know it is something nasty, and generally something dead. A quick shout usually stops them long enough for me to run (yes, I mean RUN) over and retrieve said object to throw over the fence. It is never pretty; and completely grosses me out. It is interesting how living alone has made me cope. I have conquered some of my biggest fears now. Electrical has become an interesting puzzle that I tackle with a kind of delight. Dead critters are never delightful, but I can stuff the grossness and tackle the problem. It must come with having the pool, and having the horse. I just hope that I never find a clown in the pool or in the pasture. I really think there is no getting over that one, and I have no desire to even try.

Today is Walmart day. Yes, S2, I have a regular Walmart shopping day. It is sad, but so it goes in the quest for keeping on a budget and being on a fixed income. I have found that Tuesday shopping has the shopper population at a minimum. Of course now that the holidays are close that will likely change a bit. Why doesn't everyone shop online? It is quite fun to have the UPS or FedX truck show every few days. I'll admit that I generally check out my ideas at Wally World or the mall first. But is so much quicker to see the items and then leave the store. Very few things have been pricier even with shipping tacked on. Most have had pretty darn good savings.

There is a storm coming in. The air feels different, almost electric. When Henry and I went out to do chores he noticed as did Windy. I think I will get some gas in case the power goes out and I need to use the generator. I haven't bought the transfer switch yet, so won't get the advantage of powering up the entire house, but I can plug in the important things like lights and media. The woodstove takes care of the heat. I hate losing power in the winter when it is dark at 5. Reading books by flashlight doesn't work anymore. I did it all the time in my youth. The eyes just can't do it anymore. No TV, no lights...nothing to do but go to bed. Now I will be able to watch TV or read. Cool!! Thanks Craig's List.

I must gather some wood and get the fire going. The day has officially begun.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday night

and what a week it was!

Sarah is home and starts "natural" chemo next week. I haven't a clue what that is and will get the names of the chemicals to satisfy my curiosity.

The dogs have become best friends and Katelan is now smiling constantly. It is a good thing, because otherwise I might have to kill her. But then I look at this face...

She is just so darn charming and the tail is moving constantly. The other day Henry would NOT stop barking. He was on the chair across the room from me and Kate was at my feet. What I saw when I really watched is that Kate was staring at him. Head on paws and tail ever so slightly wagging. He had a toy and was doing the "Mom, make her stop looking at me" thing. She was laying there as if to say "I'm not doing a thing. I'm just laying here." That long bushy tail gave her away. She also ingested a book I bought (from Amazon, thank goodness) that I planned to get signed by the author. I think I will still send it; he will likely get a kick out of it since it is a dog owners guide. I will just tell him that I haven't yet read the part about chewing.

Y'all have a grand weekend. It goes so fast these days. While I don't need to wait for the weekend to do things, I still find myself doing it. Weird. We become so programmed after years of school and work that when we no longer have to follow the routine we still do. The summer thing I understand; the weather is nice and the days are longer. However, even in the summer there are things that I put off until the weekend. Unless it is shopping. I HATE shopping on the weekends. There are way too many people, and their crazy children, shopping on Saturday. With the holidays coming it will get even crazier. I do most of my Christmas shopping on-line. It is NOT enjoyable to me to go out with the masses. I remember, with great fondness, going shopping with Mom in downtown Seattle. We went to see the Christmas windows. Malls did not exist so we bundled up with gloves, hats and mufflers and went to town. We had warm Karmel Korn to munch as we saw the window decor, which was usually Santa trains and robotic elves. I remember one window had hand prints. When we put our hand on one of the hand prints it would make the train go. There was also Santa. We not only got our picture taken, but also got a vinyl record of our talk with the giant red elf. I wonder what happened to those. I think I will take my dogs to see Santa Paws this year. While it certainly isn't as exciting as my Santa adventures as a kid, it makes me smile. Isn't that what it is really all about?

G2 and the Corgwyns2

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Thanks, Kira, for taking these wonderful pictures of my grand kids today. Their muddy little mugs bring the smiles back.

In preschool the kids decided it was Lilly's birthday and they made her a mud cake to celebrate.

I'm hoping Lilly didn't try to eat it!

Sister Schyler and cousin Mimi look as though that might have been the plan...

It appears that even the plumber was gathering the ingredients for the "cake."

Great sadness on this day. Sometimes things happen that rattle me to the core. While I know that there must be reasons for all things sad and bad, cancer really can be confusing. Dear Sarah. I hope that you can catch a break this time. 28 years is much too young to have to deal with your own demise. I will be walking for you; I love you.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday; day of rest?

Yeah, right. Clocks turned back last night, so now it is dark by 5. I had to be up and dressed by 8, which is doable since it is really 9; this is reminiscent of the trip!! You see, when on the trip the big dog, who was attached to a cable runner that went across the driveway, managed to tangle said cable around my satellite dish and break the doohickey that points at the dish. He also pulled it out of alignment, but I didn't know that. I went out and pieced it all back together and all was fine until it rained. Soooo, I called the Dish folks on Friday and they told me they could come fix it today! Sometime between 8 and noon he would be here. At 8:10, which was really 9:10, the van pulled in and the nice young man went to work. (I sound like an old lady, eh?) By 9 (10) he was finished and out of here, having first appropriately cooed at the Corgwyns.
When I brought home dear Kate I was sent with a sports bag filled with stuff. Included in said stuff was a bag of dog treats. They sit on my desk, which is by the front door, so that I can give treats for properly producing in the proper spot. These treats are in a Ziploc baggie. They are orange, about 3/4" square, with a little pin hole in the center. The other day I was somewhat mindlessly searching the internet for Christmas presents and out of the corner of my eye I see the aforementioned baggie. My brain went into pre-Weight Watcher's mode and thought "Cheezits" and I popped one into my mouth. I think the two dogs were wondering what I was doing eating their treats, and why I made funny sounds and did a little dance as I ate. I know that they appreciated that I shared it with them. I just love my two little dwarf dogs...
The leaves are falling fast now. I must rake the pasture so that the grass will grow back next spring. The yard I just mow and bag, then throw the leaves into the gardens after the mower chops them up. The pasture is so full of rocks that I am a bit afraid to try, but perhaps on the highest wheel setting. I don't mind raking, but the rain is at that never ending phase. Tomorrow, rain or shine the mower will do its job. Only about half are down, but if I wait there will be too many to get with the mower. I will just do it twice. I will move Windy to the dog pen and bring the dogs into the pasture to play whilst I rake. There is so much for them to do: eat horse poo, roll in horse poo, torment neighbor dog by breathing horse poo breath at her...After raking I will be able to see the left over horse poo and get it properly forked into the compost pile. I hope the weather is halfway decent or I will be bathing two dogs.
It's 9pm, which is 10pm, and it is time to bid the computer adieu for now. Do yourselves a favor and remember these couple of things: Don't tie a big dog near a satellite dish, Don't have snacks by the computer, EVER, and remember to keep a sense of humor if you have a combination of dogs and horses...dogs do seem to enjoy giving lots of kisses following a wonderful day out working with Mom.