Thursday, January 14, 2010

I found it!

and today I am loving the computer. They make sleezies for dogs. Yep, it's true, and the answer to my anxiety pre-show. What's a sleezy? I am pretty sure the horse folks who are reading this know. I knew and that began my search on the world wide web. A sleezy is a lycra garment that can be put on a show horse to "tame" the mane (hood) and keep the body clean when not in the show ring. As I was trying out different things on Kate's patch of crazy hair I realized that a sleezy would be a perfect solution as she could wear it after grooming to keep everything smooth. She will look goofy while wearing it, but beee-you-tea-full once she steps in the ring. I was set to find someone who would custom make me a sleezy for my pup, and now won't need to do that and am likely saving myself a chunk of change. I am very happy and very excited. No laughing at, and humiliating, my dog if'n you are lucky enough to catch her still in her "jammies." I have to do what I have to do to help her be competitive. Funny jammies included. Yep, crazy dog lady is becoming more and more fitting. Bite me!

New bucket list item. Same bad, bad person with the hydro. This spring I will be going to the area Airport and taking the introductory class and flight. He overheard me talking about the helicopter ride into the crater of St. Helens and how I still have that at the top of the list of coolest things I have ever done. As a person who not only flew small planes, but built the one he flew, he decided I needed to add a small plane to that short list. Luckily I cannot afford to get hooked on it, so all will be fine. I find it interesting that the more things I check off my bucket list, the even more things go into it. It is an interesting phenomenon.. I guess I would never want that list to end, as there would no longer be an incentive to keep on, would there?

Wonderful news from the youngest offspring whose artwork and skills are being awarded. He has been asked to do a seat for a custom motorcycle that will benefit Children's Research. The bike will be the featured centerfold on an upcoming issue of V-Twin magazine. This is huge and may be the "foot in the door" that he needs to get this portion of his business moving. He may also being doing some of the metal fabrication, but that is still up in the air. Congrats, kiddo. I'm very proud of you, but not at all surprised. It was just a matter of getting some of your artwork into the right hands, and it looks like it is happening. I could not be prouder.

With that, I am calling the computer stuff over for the time being. It is time to go put a few miles behind me and the woods are calling my name. First, however, I need to find...

the pedometer, sigh (and rain boots!)


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