Thursday, January 7, 2010


Perhaps just wishful thinking mixed with cleaning and dog shows. I am too tired to really notice.

Since I moved here a decade ago, I have not had garbage pickup. The dump is not too terribly far, and I would need to load the cans up in the truck and take them to the main street any way. Added cost and Scottish heritage dictated that I do dump runs myself. I threw in the towel a week ago and ordered service. I got tired of saving up bags of stuff until I had a truck load. Costs at the dump have been steadily climbing. I am sick of it. Today the big rolling recycle bin and much smaller rolling garbage bin arrived at the bottom of my hill. I had the dogs out for a walk when I noticed them so dragged them, and the dogs, up the hill to the house. Let me say, the dogs were less than pleased, but we made it just fine. Then, of course, I couldn't wait to fill them. In a very short time both were full and I am considering a dump run to clean out the rest and start with a clean slate. I cannot believe how happy I am to see a garbage can. Oh, and for what it is worth, it is now the same price to have it picked up. Bizarre, but true.

Then it is show time. Yes, indeed. A rather large showing of Cardigan Welsh Corgis awaits us next weekend in Puyallup. I have had a major attitude adjustment. I realized that my biggest factor was lack of grooming expertise. Saturday I will go for a one on one session with my conformation instructor. Once I get a handle on that I think I will stop stressing so much. THAT is a good thing for me, the dog, and everyone around me. Kate has a funny hair lump on her back that makes her look like she has a non level top line. In Idaho the breeder helped me groom, OK, she groomed, and we took the classes. I should have paid more attention. Now I will have a chance to get it done, and I am delighted. My pupster is getting a nice coat now, so we have as much chance as any one in doing well if she is properly groomed.

So I am now off to run a few errands and then take the dogs out for another run. The weather is perfect. Chilly and clear.

It must be spring...


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