Sunday, January 31, 2010

Swim class

I am tired, and should sleep well tonight. I learned a lot about myself in my beginners swim class. First, I am dominant on the Left...on the top half of my body. I am Right side dominant on the lower half. So in doing the freestyle swim stroke I am a total klutz trying to breathe on the right side...something I will be working on. Because of the increased strength on the right leg, and the fact that I have no left, it has been determined that I will not use my legs when swimming. Sounds great to me, as it will save them for the bicycle part of the triathlon. It will also save me from constantly having to correct as I veer to the left when I kick. I have spent so much time in the water and have compensated so much for the lack of limb that my freestyle stroke is non existent. I am delighted to have been able to take a class that started at the very beginning. Meeting the other Tri-Babe "beees and wannabees" was also a delight. I am really going to love this venture. Support is the name of the game with these folks. I can't wait until "real" training begins and I can meet the others. There is so very much to learn, and most of it is how to handle my own body mechanics.

For now I am excited for a restful sleep tonight. Whenever I learn something new that involves body dynamics I find that sleeping on the lessons really drives the points home. I will be going to the pool tomorrow to firmly plant it all in my brain. My life just gets better and better as I invite more people and more activities into it. Increased good health is but the icing on the cake.

Thanks to my kids, all three of them, for the drive and the inspiration to not only just hang in, but to do it with the joy that comes from pushing my limits. Soon there will be no limits...thanks, babies.


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