Sunday, August 8, 2010


My son-in-law is one of the hardest workers that I know. Lately he has allowed himself one "guilty pleasure," bicycling. I have mentioned a few times how proud I am of him as he did the Chilly Hilly a few months back, and the Seattle to Portland (STP) a couple of weeks ago. He has been going to the track and racing with a group as well; a group that includes his oldest daughter's Kindergarten teacher.

That all ended today when he went out and found his bike had been stolen off the front porch of their house. It is pretty creepy to think that there was a person, or persons, wandering around, and going through gates, next to my grand daughter's bedroom.

His was a pretty unique bike. Very few were made, and he was quite proud of it. He had customized it to better fit his needs. He has also been riding it to work daily. They also took his new helmet and gloves. Yep, that would be the helmet that replaced the one that he split when he had the bike accident and brain bruise a while back.

Scum bags! The police have been notified and we are watching Craig's List. It is just such a violation. Having lived in a house that was burglarized a couple of times it brings back a lot of anger.

The chances are slim, but I hope it shows up and the guy gets busted! I am grateful for insurance, but as in all vehicles it rarely covers replacement.




dreameyce said...

I'm crossing fingers that his bike 'wanders' home very soon. What about posters, like for lost dogs, posted around the neighborhood, near any colleges, and at coffee shops and other places... basically places where bikers would likely frequent/people the most likely to buy a bike like this.

I would be willing to volunteer to hang signs in the Portland-area, since most crooks know not to sell special items close to home.

How deplorable! When I was about 8 a custom painted pink banana-seat bike given to me by my Grandpa was stolen from our fenced backyard and I still remember it often. Grandpa worked hard to make sure it was perfect. Yea I was 8, but I know how attached one can become to a bike, or a car. Hopefully the community can get together and help find this important bike!

Léo said...

That really blows. Hope it turns up.

Kira said...

My hubby is so angry because he feels not only violated by the theft but he feels that they "stole his memories" of pulling the girls in the bike trailer, and doing the STP. We replaced the bike with one he has eyeballing and drooling over for the last 6 months or so but it is not the same! The police recommend NOT making the theft known in the area and on craigslist for fear of the bike being parted out and sold, but it is really hard and very sad. We tested out the new bike on our family ride last night and it was bittersweet, but we were not about to let this person/s ruin our sunday family fun!! Thank u everyone for you support!
Kira (aka G2 daughter)