Monday, August 30, 2010

Junk mail

How do I get on these lists?? My junk mail box numbers go up and down, whether I surf the internet or not. I never open any unless I know that they shouldn't be in that folder, but somedays there are so many that I must scroll down a few times to check them all.

Today I found myself amused by the collection. Lately there have been a lot of folks wanting to bust into my Facebook account via "Facebook survey." My facebook account is on the highest security setting, which can be frustrating to even me at times, but still seems like the best idea, so I leave it. Of course there are the "You have won" and multiple PayDay loan entries. How the heck did I get on their lists?? Understand, of course, that I am only reading the subject line...these are just a few of today's entries:

From WILLIAM COLGATE II (yep all caps, must be important) "Hello"
MICHAEL vanDERT (I guess the "van" is NOT so important)"COMPENSATION ON YOUR PAST EFFORT"
Barrister Frank Johnston (important title to HIS name) "Personal Proposal"

I love that I have a fund at the Jomo Kenyatta Int'l airport in Nairobi; perhaps that is what the email from the UNITED NATIONS OFFICE OF OVERSIGHT SERVICES is all about. Then of course all the Life insurance and car warranty stuff.

My favorite of the day is between these two:
"Legitimate work at home job" I sure wouldn't want an illegitimate job...
and this one:
"Gain in Size Fast" Well, I think I may know about that one, sigh

Oh my! I must go. Mr. Pokuaa Yaa just wrote to me about my Allocation Oil Quota...SCORE!!


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Steelcyclist said...

Good luck on that inheritance transfer in British pounds too.