Friday, August 6, 2010


Enumclaw shows have majors for both boys and girls and I have one of each entered.
7-15-3-2 on Saturday
8-13-4-2 on Sunday
This area has become a crazy hub of Cardiness. So today the grooming begins in earnest. I have some "grow out" time and sadly may need it. Kate still hasn't gone "in" so I may pull her as the major is secure even without her for those needing it. It will all depend on how loose her joints are in two weeks. Nugget is fine and I am glad I scratched on the last show. He is delighted to be off of crate rest and once again body slamming Kate and hassling Henry...all the time with a goofy smile on his face. What a pup.

The little feed store in town is going out of business and I am very sad. They are having a liquidation sale, so I went in and bought a Coolaroo bed for the dogs. Just one. sigh. Yep. They are playing "king of the mountain" on the cot. Henry laid first claim to it. When I used to board him out in Port Townsend they used these kinds of beds, and perhaps that is why he is so insistent that it is his. With Henry it is always anyone's guess as to what he is thinking. The beds are so easy to clean as they are frames with shade cloth stretched across. I guess I will be making a couple more. It looks pretty easy to do with PVC pipe (this has a metal frame). My grand daughter even asked if she could sleep on it last night. (I think I would have let her, but she went home to sleep in her own bed.)

When I first began to notice Cardigan Corgis, the first thing I really loved was the fact that the boys were so brawny and the girls so dainty. I think that one should not have to do belly checks to know. Now I have a dainty, girly looking girl, and a big burly boy. It is so obvious. I love it. Nug, with all his hair, looks pretty close in size to Kate now. Some is hair, but with his giant bone he looks about the same. When I take the two out in public, even those who think I have the offspring of German Shepard and Dachshund breeding will ask if they are brother and sister. To me Nugget still looks like my little puppy, but I just want him to stay my little puppy for a while longer. I look at the win picture of his litter mate sister and can see that our babies are growing into very beautiful dogs now. What a mixed blessing it is.

I am off to do toenails. Henry scratched Mimi when he was trying to drag her to the pool stairs yesterday. He jumped in and grabbed her water wing and, without puncturing it, started pulling her. Her screams made him even more frantic, and he did learn his lesson well as to where the stairs are. Poor Henry will no longer be allowed on the pool deck when there are kids in the pool. He doesn't try to jump in with adults, but was definitely not having a nice enjoyable and fun swim when he jumped in yesterday. He was a dog on a mission and needed to save his damsel that must be in distress.

Then it is brushing and trimming on Nugget following a bath. Kate is just regrowing her coat and Henry is shedding out his. Ahhh, the joy of animals.

Oh, for those of you in the east sweltering, it is 11:45am and 62 degrees. I would really like to bottle this up and save it for the 15th and the triathlon...perfect weather, for me.



Kim said...

anything I need at the feed store?

2Grandmas2 said...

I don't think so. Feed is still full price. No toys that your guys won't destroy. Lots of chicken and frog decor. Some gardening books. I haven't perused their plants. I bought the bed just to buy something because I really love the folks that have it. How about some seeds? 40% off all the territorial stuff...