Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Nope. No fleas. (ewwww) No rash to be found. But it seems that the girls in this house are becoming a tad bit unpredictable.

First the four legged one. Young "muffin" seems way too interested in Kate's every movement the past two days. It seems the Cardi-event with all those handsome boys tweaked her hormones over the edge and she will soon join Kitty in the competition for most desirable. In short: scratch Sammamish for her. Luckily we will not be breaking a major. It is not unexpected. I have been waiting since later July. It's just a pain. At three years old it is time to make some decisions with her, and I dread it. I would love to finish her, but I think I need to take her out of the area to do it. Truth be told is that I have a very finishable dog now so the pressure is off of Kate. Sadly she has now decided the show ring is fun...if we stop this we must find another sport in which we can work together. She is not the couch potato type.

Then there is me. I have two triathlons coming up. On the same weekend. One on Saturday. One on Sunday. Do both? hahaha. Not possible. One is here. The other on the other side of the pond. Both are run by women that I admire, and both want me there. The easy way out would be to take the ferry and do the one over there. It is shorter. I have done it before and know what to expect. Over here is "home." The bike route is tougher. The race itself is twice as long on all legs (yep, pun intended). I have until Tuesday to decide if I will scratch this one over here. There is a waiting list of people wanting to do it. I can give them my spot and get my money back. The person running the other one has not given me an entry deadline. She said she will "get me in." It is interesting, this weird twist. I started to do triathlons to prove something within myself. Done. I can do it. I can stop now...right? Wrong! Not only am I hooked on the push, training, and crossing that finish line, but there is something huge in helping others find that "push" to cross the line. I don't like being so obvious and out there. But I am. I must deal with it. If gets someone off their duff, that is good. Anyone can do a tri. Seriously. A half mile swim. Come on! Twelve mile bike. No biggy. Three mile run. So walk it. My mom died at age 57. I am 56. I plan on seeing the grandkids graduate. She never saw her's even get into school. I do believe that we have become less active physically as we have become more active in the work force. There just aren't enough hours in a day to do it all. Sadly it is the kids, and grandkids, that really suffer as we pass on the habit of inactivity. I hope someday to cross that finish line with a grandkid in tow. (Perhaps next year my two oldest will be ready. I can hope.) So, I will be at both events, but only enter one. My fancy cowbell that my son made will get a workout at the one I don't run. At this point I haven't a clue what I will do, so I just keep training.

Just as I do with the dogs. It is indeed a crazy life, and it is indeed my life. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Just what exactly do people do in the winter when all the races and shows dwindle away??? No wonder we suffer from seasonal depression, eh? (For me, I am hoping the truck is paid off so I can join the gym and get my "rush" that way.)

So I am off. The track calls my name and then it is back home to clean the pool. I'd really like to crawl back to bed and figure out who is going where, and when...



Steelcyclist said...

You Tribabe. Possibly next year for the kids first tri.

I really think you're on to something excellent when you mention you love training.

2Grandmas2 said...

Did I say I love it? I said I was hooked on it... My body actually craves it now. Is that a good thing? At times I really wonder. however, there are certainly a lot of things that people get hooked on that are a lot worse! I love you, baby! ;o)

Kira said...

Next year mom....hmmm...Violet can hang in the jog stroller while I train, bike seat while I bike....floaty while I swim? hmm