Monday, August 9, 2010

Which way did she go??

This is a crazy week, and it has only just begun.

I find myself doing a lot with the dogs. The two tailed dogs in particular. Each day I grind on their toe nails (better?). I am hoping that in two weeks time they will miraculously be the little nubby nails they should be. The dogs no longer complain as they are in my lap a lot shorter time now. One must get right to the quick, but not breech it (is my understanding) in order to get the quick to pull back. That tiny change has made a huge difference on how the feet look. OK, well, that and creative toe hair trimming. I have been told I can no longer consider myself a newbie in this sport, so need to suck it up and make my dogs look like they belong in the ring. I'm trying!! Nugget is a hairball. I regret all the whining I have done in the past with regards to Kate's lack of hair. He has enough for both of them. I think I will start getting him to enjoy vacuum cleaner brushing as he will bring great grief when he sheds. Nugget also has some interesting curly spots on his bum. Today I worked on them a bit with the stripper. Then Kate jumped onto the table so I worked on her bum as well. She actually is getting coat again, and I guess I wasn't seeing it. Now her topline is more level as well.

Why am I writing about all this? Because I should be thinking about the Triathlon this coming weekend, but I don't want to. Tomorrow I will do my regular lake swim and then will work on my bike to make sure it is clean, tire pressure correct, and the chain lubed. I bought my stick of "Body Glide." Yes indeedy, I am for real as I now have it in my supply kit. Just so you know, it is so that I can more easily remove my wetsuit, and more easily put ON my running shoe following the lake portion. It makes for less chafing as well...slick, eh? It has been dropped into the bucket so it won't disappear before now and then, as my nerves begin to take over. The bucket? Yes. Dear Tri-Turtle suggested a bucket for the transition items. It will double as a place to sit. Brilliant!! It also will keep things dry until I exchange for the wet, and then keep the wet contained. Again, brilliant! This is the big one. No, not Iron Man big, but the biggest I will do. 800 yard swim/12 mile bike/3.1 mile run. I know I can do it all, I just worry about the logistics of getting back and forth to Seattle on both Saturday, for check in, and Sunday, for the race. With the ferry system as bad as it is, I just don't look forward to that little part of it. Then of course the parking. EEK!! What was I thinking?????

So I go back to my happy place. The doggies. They show the following weekend. It will be a huge showing of Cardigan Corgis. 27 each day. It's crazy. When I get myself a wee bit worked up thinking about it, it is OK, because I can then think about the Danskin Triathlon coming up...

Hey. I am nothing compared to my neighbor. She has a wedding in her yard this weekend. It started out a small intimate affair and now is looking like the numbers are close to 300. Did I mention it has been raining since Saturday??

So I will close and fix some dinner, after which I will put my dog in the bucket. Wait. I think I got that wrong. Perhaps there is also a reason that Miss Kate is so very slippery, eh?

My plate runneth over and I have no one to blame but myself...



Kim said...

Ummm you're grinding "tails" for this show? =) I'm thinking Nancy needs a nap!

You'll be turning them in to Pems in no time!

2Grandmas2 said...

Ok, so I missed that one. And now can't seem to go in to edit, so will leave it. The Pem folk might be delighted to have a nice DM clear boy, doncha think?

Traci said...

Wow - busy much!? Amazing!! :) Good luck this weekend!!!

Kim said...

I was going to post that at least that one is a DM CLEAR soon to be pem... =) but didnt want to stir the pot more than you already had!

Bad dog no biscuit!

Léo said...

Going on 5 years of showing dogs and I still feel like a newbie most of the time. I think each dog that comes into my life reminds me I still have a lot to learn.
You're doing great!

And yes. Have a blast this weekend!

dreameyce said...

For butt-curls have you tried wet rag over, and pinning it down to see how he looks, or does he just have too much hair for that?? Pinning what what I had to do for my Cocker, and Traum to get the waves, curls, or ringlets to straighten. If you do that often it actually does begin to straighten ('train') the hair in my experience.

The wet rag pinned on holds the hair straight, and you let it dry that way. You can also get suits at dog shows that are suppose to do the same thing- but I've never used them!

alta said...

Liam has the butt gery curl too. Its great when he is out of coat but when in we try the towel thing like Emily said. But I do believe you have a slinky thing for him.

You have a lot on your plate and Congrats for doing it all. Best of luck in your next event. I'll be enviously thinking about you while I probably doing something not good for my health.